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Magnolia CMS

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Magnolia is one of the fastest growing enterprise content management systems in the market. The system allows you to combine content, data and digital services, including marketing automation seamlessly within a single platform. The distinguishing feature of this platform is the short time required for implementation. The system is embedded in Java environment. Recommended for banking, insurance companies, industrial sector and others. The developers of the system take care of easy integration with applications and services operating in the customer’s environment, which allows to preserve the current investment in IT solutions. Despite its lower functionality, Magnolia CMS is a good alternative to the Adobe Experience Cloud system also proposed by Sygnity.


Addressing the above Sygnity will help you in:

Requirements workshop and digital needs analysis

  • identification of areas for digital transformation
  • required connections of customer information systems
  • developing and formalizing the purpose of digital transformation

Building the concept of an ideal digital experience

  • new and existing customer definitions
  • defining the customer path (Customer Journey)
  • developing strategies to build further conversions

Implementation of the concept and launch of accelerated conversion

  • adjusting the customer interaction platform in the Customer Experience area
  • combining the channels of omnichannel strategy
  • combining data sources to provide the best personalized experience

Maintenance and further development

  • expand the implemented CX system with additional modules, including: traffic analytics, marketing targeting, marketing expenditure control, campaign profitability calculation
  • integration of the implemented system with the existing CRM and ERP systems
  • development in order to ensure the so-called Total Experience

Magnolia Digital Exprience Platform

Magnolia provides a superior content architecture to help compose and maintain digital user experiences (DXP) around existing processes and infrastructure. This is made possible through a combination of CMS and personalization features.

Alongside this, Magnolia falls into the trend of so-called “Composable DXP”, i.e. the ease of combining all systems and services into a reference architecture that can be used to create new. digital experiences with a modern, modular technology stack

A digital experience platform (DXP) is a set of integrated technology components that together provide the tools to create, manage, and deliver digital experiences.

The value of a DXP platform depends on how long it takes to launch experiences, how easy it is to use, and ultimately the quality of its product, the customer experience.

Magnolia does not dictate the analytics, DAM, eCommerce or marketing automation solutions of your choice, this means that the Magnolia DXP platform will fit perfectly into your already existing ecosystem of IT solutions as the main hub for managing the digital user experience.

Magnolia Headless CMS

As a solution designed for small and medium-sized businesses, Magnolia CMS efficiently provides content creation solutions. The system will also work great as a product website in large organizations. Convenient content editing tools can be adapted to the needs of the team by modeling the user interface. This is especially important in larger projects when you need to define the content approval flow between teams. Authors can additionally work with hierarchical content.

Magnolia emphasizes the use of a WYSIWYG visual page builder for editing single page applications (SPAs) built with React, Angular or Vue. Authors can edit not only the raw content, but also the layout of each digital experience and get a live preview in the context of the place (web, phone, tablet) where it is delivered.

Benefits of using the Magnolia SPA editor:

Single-page applications (SPAs) allow marketers to create compelling experiences that increase visitor retention and engagement. With fewer page reloads and better overall performance, SPAs provide a faster, smoother and more engaging end-user experience.

The author focuses on building experiences instead of just inserting content. Marketers can edit SPA structure, layout, and content directly in the Magnolia Page Editor, with the ability to choose which components to include, where to include them, and what type of layout to use.

Marketers can preview the experiences built with SPAs as end users will see them. In this way, they are not disconnected from the actual experience they are supposed to create and can be sure that it will engage and delight users in the desired way.

Developers use the best front-end technologies (such as React, Angular, and Vue) and get projects done faster because designers and developers use one common set of templates.

Reduce development and ongoing maintenance costs. Because SPA is editable, software development is only needed for initial configuration or for more significant changes, rather than for every layout change.

Use SPA as your front end to reap the benefits of headless and microservice/SOA approaches: flexibility to choose your own tools, better maintainability, less vendor dependency and faster time to create experiences.

The system is easy to connect to other digital solutions, whether it is DAM, PIM, e-Commerce, CRM or any custom system. This is all thanks to a base of ready-made connectors. Additionally, thanks to a simple YAML configuration, magnolia allows you to connect to any external system

Magnolia Personalization

Magnolia’s personalization features allow for the delivery of individualized content in an efficient and scalable manner in a headless scenario. Authors get an intuitive UI and can instantly preview which content is being delivered to different segments.

Benefits of using Magnolia CMS personalization module:

Deliver a personalized experience to every visitor based on who they are, how they behave, and what’s happening in the world. Magnolia unifies customer data and allows you to customize experiences that result in greater engagement, conversion and loyalty.

Performing personalization at scale across multiple channels can be a daunting task. Magnolia’s robust platform enables omnichannel personalization and experimentation at scale without compromising performance.

Magnolia Makes it easy to connect with other digital solutions, whether you need analytics, optimization, or another digital system. Combine customer data, content, and insights into one screen to ultimately create highly personalized and optimized experiences.

Magnolia eCommerce

Magnolia does not offer its own store functionality but allows integrations with any eCommerce platform. The most popular integrations that are available “out of the box” include: Adobe Commerce (Magento), Salesforce, BigCommerce, SAP and many others.

This approach gives you the ability to use your existing eCommerce system and add CMS and personalization features to it along with a whole set of functionalities like sales analysis, purchase path tracking, sales campaign testing and much more.

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