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AMS is an MDM system developed for acquisition, storage, processing and sharing  measurement data, as well as their analytical reporting.

As a result of using modern technology and functional solutions, the systems is able to manage measurement data on a mass scale and effectively handle the growing number of remotely read metering systems. Moreover, it can ensure fast detection of irregularities (e.g. illegal electricity consumption) and facilitate the management and development of the power grid.

The solution supports the current business processes and it is also adjusted to planned changes in the Energy Market. The system is dedicated to the processes connected to Smart Metering, what provides easy extension to other tasks characterized by a high level of automation.

How does AMS work?

AMS is a central repository of measurement data (MDM) of various media, collected from acquisition systems according to existing standards. It consist of intuitive user interface including extensive filters, a convenient reporting and alarming system, and a tool for monitoring and scheduling business processes. Due to optimal and scalable architecture, the system can efficiently manage millions of measurement points.

AMS provides a wide range of configuration and integration options, so that it can be optimally included into efficient support of business processes in the organization.

Mentioned features are achieved by:

  • Designing a product as a web application, in order that it could be run on client machines and in the cloud
  • Efficient mechanisms of storing and processing big volumes of data
  • Rich catalogue of integration services
  • Wide possibilities of application configuration and personalization (sets of functions, user reports, cockpits etc)

Business benefits

Efficient fulfilling the responsibilities of Energy Market participant

Reliable and timely acquisition, processing and sharing metering data

Independence from suppliers of the acquisition systems due to convenient integration of measurement data from different reading modules

Efficient and quick detection of anomalies, e.g. illegal energy consumption or malfunction of measured devices or machines

Raising energy awareness among end-users

More efficient handling of complaint processes by reason of comparing source data with amounts accepted for accounting

The client

Sygnity AMS is a perfect solution for:

  • Distribution System Operators (directly connected or not connected to transmission network of Transmission System Operator),
  • Large consumers of energy and other utilities,
  • Energy and heat producers,
  • Measurement operators, Operators of Industry (e.g. extractive, processing, manufacturing  or energy-consuming),
  • Water and sewerage companies, gas and heat companies

Selected functionalities

Verification, validation, estimation, ranking and substitution of measurement data collected from acquisition systems (e.g. Sygnity MAD)

A possibility to create a hierarchy structures that record actual consumption from indicated Physical Measurement Points

Balancing energy stations and network nodes

Operating Balancing Market in the area of preparing and sharing measurement data with the market participants

Creating single line schemes of electricity grid with interactive elements

Generating reports for energy stations directly from the network diagrams, or specific Physical Measurement Points

Monitoring of specific meters and objects in form of tables and graphs

Sharing measurement data to external systems (e.g. billing or forecasting)

Automating business processes operation

Grouping measurements in a static and dynamic way based on stated parameters such as tariff group, meter type etc.

Quick calculating of aggregated data (hourly, monthly) on request without the need to store the data in a database

Manual measurement data input and status modification

Built-in dedicated analytical reports

Creating flexible reports based on XLS templates

Implementation model

order to meet the expectations of our clients, we offer several models of implementation:

  • within client’s infrastructure (on-premise), which allows to have full control over the implemented solution,
  • within Sygnity’s electronic service platform (on-cloud), which allows to reduce unit costs of the implementation and continue in service model (subscription)

Clients can manage the solution by themselves or – for the convenience and time saving – can commission it to our experts.

We offer short implementation time, a set of trainings for the end users and administrators, assistance after implementation and efficient service provided by a team of qualified consultants. 

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