Quick and certain meter data collecting from electronic meters

Having an efficient and reliable acquisition systems allows for a wider measurement of grid and recipients. Collected data allows not only to account recipients on the basis of actual value, but also serves for analysis that helps to discover earlier different anomalies, such as excessive losses or energy stealing. System makes it possible to read profile and register data, incidents log, quality parameters and so on, and also allows to give meters tasks – for example, setting the time or attaching a circuit. MAD ensures quick and certain meter data collecting from electronic meters based on such protocols and DLMS or IEC1107. Thanks to the multitude of controllers, MAD helps with data collection from the meters of older generation as well as smart meters, provided by different suppliers.


Effective use of transmission links

(load balancing) thanks to built-in mechanisms of task management

Operating a large number of metering devices

using the interface designed with a thought about the best possible user support

Disposition to transferring feedback to the user

about the data that is lacking in the system

Optimization and ensuring data quality

by automatically acquiring reading configuration from a meter according to the OBIS standard and reading all data from meter memory

Flexible scheduling

of reading tasks

Analytic support

thanks to reporting reading statistics like, for example, data transmission.

Thanks to the used system architecture, which is based on the concept of distributed systems, we have achieved scalability and flexibility of a configuration that allows to adjust easily to the needs of the user. Architecture and built-in control mechanism for transmission links load allows to operate tens of thousands of metering devices by each of the communication nods. By multiplying the number of communication nods, there is a possibility to read data from a million metering points.


MAD is a technical system, the task of which is to read meter data and control metering devices. Easy scalability by the change in the number of communication nods, thanks to which system functionality is ensured for a long time, without the need to completely change equipment platform and use free capacity of existing devices.

Two-way communication with metering devises of all known suppliers with an option to easily expand to new controllers.

Operating different reading protocols of meters (for example, DLMS, IEC1107).

Operating a wide range of transmission media: GPRS, PSTN, LAN, RS486 and so on.

Local database that allows for autonomous system work.

Alternative ways of transmission using the mechanism of priorities and automatic switching.

Logging errors, warning and information messages together with an introductory interpretation and instruction for users’ activities.

Layers of interfaces that allows to easily integrate the system with solutions of SOA architecture (for example, primary metering system Sygnity AMS).

Sygnity offers solution implementation in several options:

As part of client’s infrastructure (on-premise) – allows clients to have full control over the implemented solution,

As part of Sygnity electronic service platform (on-cloud) – allows to reduce of individual system implementation costs and work in operation model (subscription).

Administration and management services can be provided by Sygnity, or Clients can manage the solution by themselves.


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