Services in the area of consulting, production and providing IT solutions

Our Team offer services in the area of consulting, production and providing IT solutions, which complexly support and realize processes connected with collecting, storing, processing, analysing and sharing meter data of different kind (electricity, gas, water, heat, data from sensors in factories), providing solutions that allow to function on balancing market for companies that produce energy and other market participants.

The team also provides solutions for forecasting the need for electricity, gas, heat for industrial facilities as well as solutions for managing energy effectiveness. Expert knowledge of specialists from our Team allows to offer clients solutions that answer to the changing conditions of Energy Market and needs in Industry sector such as central system of metering information, interventional program DSR, Renewable energy Development, Capacity Market, optimizing costs of energy purchase, optimizing the production processes.

The team, in cooperation with subjects of Capacity Market, develops a new product directed to capacity providers. Capacity providers will be rewarded for fulfilling their capacity obligations, and at the same time they will be vulnerable to new financial risks that can be connected to them. Managing risks of increased penalties or losses of interests for unfulfilled capacity obligations will be supported by new Sygnity solutions for capacity market.

The team realizes the concept of adjusting their products to the needs of Industry 4.0. Product development takes place in the field of Internet of Things (IOT), managing large and various quantities of data Bid Data, and transferring the processes and services to the data cloud.

Selected project implementations


Implementing AMS metering system, which included implementation and integration services, providing a guarantee as well as granting development and operating services. ASM system realizes functions of collecting, processing, storing and sharing data that comes from more than 310 000 electricity meters.


Migration of Information system of Energy Market SIRE to a new software and equipment platform, building an environment for managing source codes and granting services for modernized SIRE system. Modernized SIRE system works continuously 24/7 and includes the following areas: Administration, Communication, Planning, Measuring, Movement Operating, Accounting Balance Market, Accounting Technical Market, Statistic, Inter-system Exchange.

PGE Distribution S.A.

Information System of Balance Market Operating Central System – was implemented as a central solution in PGE Distribution S.A. and in all departments of PGE Distribution. System operates up to 100 simultaneous Users and was prepared for operating 1 million Metering Points.

KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.

Implementing Central System for Balancing and Electricity Accounting. Orders include, among others, implementation services, integration services, guarantee and granting development and operating services. Created IT system fulfils, among others, functions of collecting, analysing, storing and sharing data that comes from around 4 000 (four thousand) electricity meters that are integrated with recorders.


Implementing forecasting system for energy market in Slovakia.


System for Efficient Cooperation with Power stations

(SOWE_EL) – Solution that ensures communication between the National Power Distribution and Centrally Managed Production Units

Exchanging Information about Energy Market of Market Participant

(WIRE_UR)- Solution essential for communication between Market Participants and Transmission System Operator.

Capacity Market

Software for capacity market participants that supports the processes of keeping register of Capacity Market Units, taking part in power auctions and monitoring capacity obligations.

Industry 4.0

System for managing industrial companies

Sygnity Forecast

Software supporting the process of forecasting energy and fuel needs as well as product forecasting.

System for Wallet Accounting

System supporting accounting on balance market, it is an element of Sygnity Forecast.

Automated Metering System (AMS)

Solution of MDM class operating the processing of collecting, verification, analysing, balancing and sharing meter data for other business systems.

Data acquisition from devices

Software for remote meter readings


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