Logistics management

System for managing vehicle traffic that supports comprehensive managing of company’s safety

System has its use in companies where the products are taken or delivered by external companies, but also those that include the movement of pedestrians and vehicles. Those processes require not only reliable logistic procedures, but also the best security of controlled territory from theft.


Decreasing the number of losses and product theft

Increasing effectiveness of management

thanks to planning and current control of key logistic processes in system

Increasing security of employees, clients and realised processes

and what results from this, increasing a reliability of the company, especially among foreign contractors

Increasing effectiveness and quality of customer service

and decreasing service time

Making analysis of connections between specific events

with detail account of regular dependencies

Introducing reporting and analysis of different characteristics

of work effectiveness of specific workers and whole teams

System functioning allows to organize, automate and increase all processes connected with procedure control of vehicle and pedestrian movement. It allows to effectively plan and conduct logistic operation, optimizing human resources and effectively secure company’s assets.


Our solution allows for a modular building that allows for quick changes and adjusting to the needs of a client.

controlling the number of vehicles on the territory of a company and waiting in front of the building

controlling the time of residence of people and vehicle in defined access points and movement of units between successive control points

controlling effectiveness and accuracy of logistic operations


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