Gathering and processing data about property

SZN is Sygnity S.A. original software for gathering and processing data about real estate/land property, property rights, as well interests and obligations that result from having property rights.

Property Management System allows to maintain records of data about real estate, land property , buildings, premises, constructions. There is a possibility to specifically describe rooms with data about equipment (floor type, a number computers), technical parameters of rooms (like windows size), which allows to quick access to necessary information in the moment as well as support managing maintenance activities by a possibility to create according statements (for example, the window area to be cleaned).

In the version for  local government units, System (MIDAS) supports operating tasks connected with all payments connected with property (for example, payment for perpetual usufruct of land , rent) together with maintaining necessary registers (payers, property), supporting dimension and debt collection as well as accounting. In addition, system is integrating with the solution for operating PZGiK bases – Kataster WZ (State Geodetic and Cartographic Registers ).

In the version for clients who are not local government units, system supports operating tasks connected with payments concerning property by generating disposition of payments for financial and accounting clinet system.


Centralization of knowledge

and processes connected to real estate/land property,

Openness to integration

with field systems

Measurable financial costs

connected with supporting operating debt-claims and requirements connected with property.

System can be integrated with GIS map component or/and system of EAM class based on GIS technology. This allows to register property in spatial perspective, visualize areas on a map that are under claims or lawsuits. Thanks to easy integration, all economic events are registered in GIS system and can be transferred to the  Real Estate and Land Property Management system, improving the process of managing property that is an asset of a company.


Registering information about the users, the area and its intended use as well as assigning allocation keys allows to create cross-cutting reports and generating letters according to defined templates. System allows to register information about property documentation in paper form (indicating documentation, indicating a place for storage), as well as documentation in electronic form (document scans).

records of basic and optional objects data,

records of legal titles and connected with it claims and requirements, together with registering state, dimensions etc.

maintaing register of cases connected with property (for example, regulations, claims, disputes), 


a possibility to integrate with systems of GIS/EAM class,

optional support for dimension , debt collection and accounting (version for local government units).


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