Metering System (AMIgoS)

AMIgoS collects meter data from meters and concentrators, as well as acquisition system. It allows to expand each layer of the system independently of the others. AMIgoS is in practice a guarantee of predictability and stability of building costs of smart electric grid.


Lowering operational costs

as a result of automating management

Reducing average length and number of breaks

in energy providing (SAIDI/SAIFI)

Reducing costs

of evaluating connected grid capacity

Minimizing costs

thanks to the reduction of technical losses

Supporting plans

of repairs while maintaining energy quality

Bigger profit

thanks to limiting trading losses


Technical support and service.

Complex and actual solution.

Meter data acquisition.

Integration and automation.

AMI system interface for recipient and prosumer.

Cooperation with meters from various producers.

Two-way communication with the meters.

A lot of channels for data transmission.

All data in one place.

Secure meter data.

Controlling data accuracy.

Estimating lacking data.

Wireless system expansion.

Grid balance.

Supporting demand managing (Capacity Market/DSR).


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