Platform that allows to build a complex logistics system

System Janus – A platform that allows to build a complex logistics system

System Janus is a platform that allows to build a complex logistics system. It includes basic system version that supports realization of basic logistics processes, specifically allowing to operate transport inside industrial facilities and expand functionality and integration that ensures comprehensive realization of all logistics processes in the company together with ensuring appropriate information flow between integrated systems.


Decreasing the time of customer service

and monitoring the whole process of sale and loading/unloading of products.

Driver service in one point

readable system of queueing and informing drivers

Decreasing bureaucracy

- lack of “paper” documents during operating vehicles.

Increasing standards

of serving clients and automobiles that arrive to Institutions

Increasing security

by registering vehicle weights and a possibility to monitor the time of residence and journey of vehicles.

Identifying “bottlenecks”

that occur in logistics processes

Coherent system of supervision and identification

of vehicles that move on the territory of the Institution (gate, weight, parking, warehouse, dispatcher, ERP) and waiting in front of the Institution

Increasing effectiveness of customer service

(increases the number of vehicles sent in a day) and decreasing the number of operating individual vehicle

System Janus supports operating logistics processes in distributes companies (distributed structure in the organisation and distributed locations) with standardization of functionality and reporting at the same time.

System is fully localized and by default is operating Polish and English. There is a possibility to extend language dictionaries to new languages without the necessity to modify software.


Controlling residence time of vehicles in selected access points and movement of vehicles and drivers between succeeding control/loading points,

Controlling effectiveness and correctness of logistics operation in internal logistics,

Analysing connections between specific events with the purpose of optimizing logistics works,

Controlling people engaged in expeditionary processes.

Compliance with RODO

Integration modules that allow to integrate with system Clients, such as ERP, TMS, weight, access control systems

Functions of data access by a website (including access of external Clients of a company)

Informing by SMS/e-mail defined recipients about system event occurrence.


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