Sygnity Teams Field Work Management

System Sygnity Teams Field Work Management (Managing the work of teams) is Sygnity S.A. original software for managing teams field work.

Sygnity Teams Field Work Management  allows to gather in one place a stream of all commissioned work from the whole organization, including planning and creating tasks, assigning appropriate human and equipment resources, as well as SLA tracking and controlling (required by the client level of service). System includes dedicated solutions for the most effective resource management, as well as selecting optimal route to the place of task completion, taking into account the distance and time.

Mechanisms ready for integration with other systems (ERP, fleet, GIS/Utility Asset Management    ) creates a possibility to increase effectiveness of completed tasks.

Solution consists of two elements:

  • web application for operators,
  • pplication available for the field worker on a mobile device

System allows to:

Managing teams

(for example, definition, availability)

Managing planned and unplanned tasks

(for example, status, priority)

Assigning resources and competencies

Assigning resources and competencies for task completion

Managing task allocation for teams

Supervising task realization

Support of field team

(for example, travel route, communication with a team)

Collecting dedicated data

about a completed task

Accounting for orders


Full service of tasks on mobile devices


Reducing time of specific tasks realization

and increasing the number of completed tasks

Decreasing the number of travelled distances

task and time of travel

Optimising the use of operators

(reduction of simple, repeated tasks)

Decreasing the costs

of car and fuel exploitation

Decreasing expired claims

(vindication field work)

Decreasing overtime amount

Increasing data timeliness and accuracy

Increasing the level of timeliness visits to clients

Complete automation of inspection processes

a possibility to build advanced statistics and trends

Partial or even full elimination of paper documents flow

Saving time

connected to the communication between field workers and operator

Increasing the quality of planning

Gaining market advantage


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