Modules: SR, FA, SW, DM/DE, ST, DC

Software for operating benefits is a system that consists of a lot of modules, the task of which is to support and improve users’ work on the level of municipalities and provinces in the realization of statutory requirements connected to family benefits, parenting benefits, alimony funds, housing and energy benefits, educational scholarship, aid for housing. Individual modules give also support in the field of debt collection.


Support in the area of registering applications for benefits

Support in the area of creating decisions about benefits

Support in the area of metrics operating

Support in the area of registering applications for benefits

Support in the area of generating lists of payments, transactions

Organisational units of social security that use our application have a possibility to optimize their activities by automating the process of issuing decision, giving hints about the size of granted benefits, control and reporting the state of task realization or data exchange with other external systems, including other producers.


Wide range of configuration parameters that allow to adjust to the requirements dictated by the size of the office

Extended mechanism of creating templates for printing decisions as well as letters

A rich selection of summaries and reports configured by the User

Configuring the content of legal bases and justifications for administrative decisions and printout templates, including not only decisions but also payout lists, billing documents and other documents

Possibility to save most printouts in any format, e.g. pdf, xsl, odt, html, csv etc.

Extensive view of a person’s history in one window: applications, decisions, appeals, correspondence, cases, EU prints

Cooperation with CSIZS (Central Social Security System)


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