Analytics and reporting system

InfoKadra is an innovative analytics and reporting system dedicated mainly to management staff of State Employment Services as a tool for graphical representation of the data of the main tasks implemented by the office and supported by the SyriuszStd system.


Preparing ratings

generated with the help of the user-friendly and intuitive interface

Analytics and reporting tools

for illustrating the effectiveness of the made decision

Tracking and reporting the level of key activities and events

Global data checking

including specific data

Necessary data accumulation for making a decision

analytics and comparison of the intervals

Rich form of data presentation

with the ability to export to chosen file formats

Automatic data search

with a planned distribution to the chosen recipients

InfoKadra is dedicated not only to the managing staff including Directors and Department Managers, but also due to the wide range of the possible analyses is a helpful tool in the hands of Vocational Counselors, IT and Statistics Departments employees and those who implement labor market programs.


Calculating and presentating 158 active management indicators

Alarm states information

Charts and tabular forms of specific data presentation

Filtering and selecting data filtration and selection

Subscriptions – automatic calculation and provision of data to the selected e-mail address

Defining private age range

Database archiving (database freeze)

Job offers or people searching, results export to the complex selection of the SyriuszStd system

Function of comparison indicators, which allows to get the sum or the difference of the indicator results


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