Application software SyriuszStd is a dedicated telecommunication system supporting in a comprehensive way realization of statutory tasks of district labour offices.


Increasing the quality of data

and improving the process of inputting

Limiting the scale of abuse

connected with granting undue benefits

Process automation

connected with functionality of labour offices

The task of Application software SyriuszStd. Application software of SyriuszStd is a basic IT tool for district labour offices that supports task realization connected with the promotion of employment and mitigating the effects of unemployment in accordance to the Act on the Promotion of employment and labour market institutions. SyriuszStd has been implemented by all 343 district labour offices in Poland. Implementation happened without any major problems.


Supplying Central Base of Job Offers (CBOP)

Supplying Central Statistical Application (CAS)

Supplying Central Application (AC)

Exchanging data with ZUS (The Social Insurance Institution)

Exchanging data with the system of electronic banking

Exchanging data with tax offices

Exchanging data with GUS (Central Statistical Office)

Compliance with all modern technological standards


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