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FlexiMatch is a modern system which effectively supports the process of reconciliation of Nostro accounts and suspense accounts. Additionally, it considerably facilitates their monitoring and reporting.

FlexiMatch allows to define not only rules for automatic and semi-automatic reconciliations including value dates, references and amounts, but also additional references created automatically on the basis of selected transaction features.

Business benefits

Thanks to FlexiMatch companies:

considerably lower business risks thanks to consistency balance and increased transparency of general ledger

effectively manage unused assets in the accounts

detect all irregularities in accounts (potential frauds) quickly

faster verify account balance by reconciliating particular accounts that contribute to the balance

control their cash flow efficiently

effectively use resources, while the employees can focus on managing exceptions and clearing the differences

Account reconciliation should be:

  • completed immediately, in order to correct errors in ledgers ,
  • completed in a standard form, so that the made corrections (which are often quite complex) are legible,
  • completed with the correct settlement of the differences,
  • verified by qualified employees, independently from people that prepare reconciliations.

Selected system characteristics

Multi-banking arrangements

Automatic loading of data to be agreed upon using MT940/MT950 messages and canonical model of statements

Automatic reconciliation of: bank accounts, Nostro accounts and transition accounts

Approval of the arrangements proposed for handling semi-automatic reconciliations

A possibility of making manual arrangements

Generating reports of reconciled and unreconciled positions according to defined criteria

Implementation model

Developed standards together with flexible cooperation model allow us to adapt the system to the clients’ needs. In order to meet the expectations of our clients, we offer two models of implementation:

  • within client’s infrastructure (on-premise), which allows them to have full control over the implemented solution,
  • within Sygnity’s electronic service platform (on-cloud), which allows to reduce unit costs of the implementation and work in subscription model.

Thanks to a friendly interface, clients can manage the solution by themselves or – for the convenience and time saving – can commission it to our experts.

We offer a set of trainings for the end users and administrators, assistance after implementation and efficient service realized by a team of qualified consultants.

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