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Sygnity MAD is a HES class mass data acquisition system, which reads measurement data (i.e. profile and register data, event logs and quality parameters) and remotely controlling measurement devices.

Modern architecture and in-built mechanisms controlling the load of the transmission routes allow for operation of thousands of measurement devices via each of the communication nodes. It means that the system can effectively read data from millions measuring points.

System adapted to the client’s needs

System works in distributed architecture, which makes it scalable and flexible. It allows us to adapt the system to the real needs and capabilities of our clients.

Sygnity MAD consists of as the following layers:

Central server

The core of the system, which can operate numerous communication nodes, is responsible for optimal disposition of reading tasks and registering data in the database.

Communication nodes

Responsible for keeping two-way communication with meters via various data transmission routes.

User interface

Allows for convenient system management (e.g. definition of metering devices and reading schedules or reports generation) and suggests solutions to potential issues with data acquisition.

Business benefits

Limiting business risks

System provides reliable data, which allows for billing receivers based on real values, as well as early detection of different anomalies i.e. exceeding losses or energy thefts.

Easy adaptation to client’s needs and capabilities

Distributed and multi-layered node architecture allows for implementation on different hardware platforms and in different localizations.

Security and stability

Thanks to the easy change of the number of communication nodes, the system can grow along with the business for many years without the necessity of a complete replacement of the hardware platform, using capacity of existing machines.

Efficient handling of both new and old generation meters

Thanks to numerous drivers, MAD reads data from both old and new generation meters provided by different suppliers.

The client

Sygnity MAD is an ideal solution for:

  • Distribution System Operators (directly connected or not connected to transmission network of Transmission System Operator)
  • Large consumers of energy and other utilities
  • Energy and heat producers
  • Measurement operators

Selected functionalities

Two-way communication with metering devices of all main manufacturers, with the option of easy expansion to include new drivers

Support of various meter reading protocols (i.e. DLMS, IEC1107)

Support of wide range of transmission media i.e. GPRS, LAN, RS485

Alternative transmission routes with the use of the priority mechanism and automatic switching

Built-in mechanisms of tasks management which allows for effective use of transmission routes (load balancing)

Ergonomic user interface designed for the best support of a large number of measuring devices

Focus on providing the user with the feedback about what data are missing in the system

Automatic retrieval of meter reading configuration according to OBIS standard and reading of all data from the meter memory

Interface layers allowing for easy integration of the system with SOA architecture solutions (i.e. master measurement system Sygnity AMS)

Logging of errors, warnings and notifications with preliminary interpretation and instruction for the user

Reporting of reading statistics, i.e. data transmission load

Local database allowing for autonomic system operation

Flexible scheduling of reading tasks

Implementation model

In order to meet the expectations of our clients, we offer several models of implementation:

  • within client’s infrastructure (on-premise), which allows them to have full control over the implemented solution,
  • within Sygnity’s electronic service platform (on-cloud), which allows to reduce unit costs of the implementation and work in subscription model and continue in service model (subscription).

Clients can manage the solution by themselves or – for the convenience and time saving – can commission it to our experts.

We offer short implementation time, a set of trainings for the end users and administrators, assistance after implementation and efficient service realized by a team of qualified consultants.

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