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Sitecore is a single platform that guarantees user experience on websites, mobile applications and broadly understood omnichannel access. The platform has been a leader in digital marketing and content management for many years according to Gartner and Forrester. The platform built using .NET language is recommended by the manufacturer for medium and large organizations. It works best in the Energy, Utilities, Healthcare and Retail business areas. The platform is integrated with Microsoft solutions, taking care of the quality and efficiency of system connections.


Addressing the above Sygnity will help you in:

Requirements workshop and digital needs analysis

  • identification of areas for digital transformation
  • required connections of customer information systems
  • developing and formalizing the purpose of digital transformation

Building the concept of an ideal digital experience

  • new and existing customer definitions
  • defining the customer path (Customer Journey)
  • developing strategies to build further conversions

Implementation of the concept and launch of accelerated conversion

  • adjusting the customer interaction platform in the Customer Experience area
  • combining the channels of omnichannel strategy
  • combining data sources to provide the best personalized experience

Maintenance and further development

  • expand the implemented CX system with additional modules, including: traffic analytics, marketing targeting, marketing expenditure control, campaign profitability calculation
  • integration of the implemented system with the existing CRM and ERP systems
  • development in order to ensure the so-called Total Experience

Sitecore Experience Platform

An integrated platform that empowers brands by collecting and connecting data. It builds on the relationships established with customers through intelligent, personalized experiences on any channel (omnichannel).

The platform includes a powerful CMS and a digital marketing management platform called XP (Experience Platform), CX (Customer Experience) or DX (Digital Experience).

Sitecore Content Management System (CMS), which Sitecore calls Scalabale Content Management is an advanced tool for managing content, in multiple languages and creating multiple pages for different regions or countries that can be managed from one place. What’s more, it’s a system that has advanced role and access sharing features for the convenience and security of multiple teams. Thanks to the SXA page building gas pedal and available templates, building a website is exceptionally easy, which is especially useful when transferring content from another CMS system.

Sitecore Experience Platform (XP), the functionality for personalization and automation of user behavior, provides marketers with everything they need for their daily work: Comprehensive digital marketing tools digital marketing tools, holistic insights into customer data, and machine learning all help create personalized experiences.

Sitecore Content Hub or Digital Asset Manager

The Digital Asset Management System from Sitecore is a powerful platform that automates the work of digital media. The platform is tightly integrated with Sitecore CMS, enabling seamless collaboration between teams of marketers, content creators and digital asset developers.

Sitecore’s DAM platform provides unique capabilities to quickly find digital assets, product information, content, audio and video media from thousands of available resources. Search is supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning, which is very useful for tagging, naming and grouping media.

The Digital Asset Management solution from Sitecore, supports a structured creative process that can be defined for internal creative departments and collaborating marketing agencies. This ensures that the creation of digital assets and the management of deadlines is overseen by the system.

Sitecore Commerce

Sitecore Commerce is ideal for businesses with unique sales processes. This highly customizable platform syncs with any technology ecosystem – old or new.

The e-commerce solution from Sitecore supports sales from a single location to multiple digital channels like web, mobile or physical point of sale (POS). The platform is designed for both B2C and B2B customer service.

Sitecore system supporting headless programming approach both in case of CMS, but also in case of creating store interface gives unlimited possibilities of building unique customer experience. Additionally, the cloud solution gives a guarantee of 100% availability in moments of heavy website traffic.

Sitecore Commerce solution is adapted to required sales and payment certifications like PCI, SOC2 Type2, GDPR, CCPA

Full list of features:

WYSIWYG editor to easily make changes to your site

User-friendly editing environment to speed up text creation

Automate and scale manual marketing tasks

Optimize each user experience with simple A/B testing or multivariate testing

Step-by-step tool for creating, publishing and reporting on multichannel campaigns

Integration of content, analytics and other data from partners

The service layer between the database and the authenticated client

Consistent client-server communication in applications

Reduce the time it takes to publish a large number of items

Cloud-based AI available as an add-on for automated 1:1 personalization

A large data repository that tracks all site visits and user behavior over time

Compiles the behavior of contacts who have interacted with your brand

It tracks every path of the user journey to determine what works and what doesn’t

Over 80 pre-built reports to monitor traditional web metrics

Support rapid implementation and more effective deployment of solutions and teams

Capture online and offline interactions on any device in any state

Detects details of visitors’ devices and locates them based on their IP address

Ready-made or configurable machine learning architecture

Drag-and-drop, user-friendly interface for non-technical content writers

React, Angular and Vue frameworks for Sitecore development through JavaScript

Manage images, documents, video and audio files

A user-friendly way to create engaging forms and collect visitor data

Flexible and scalable search option

Manage large, dynamic lists to accurately implement marketing efforts

Single sign-on membership capabilities across all Sitecore applications

Integrate Sitecore with Salesforce CRM and Salesforce Marketing Cloud to unify data, improve CX and accelerate time to market

Sitecore Microsoft connectors enable efficient two-way data exchange with Dynamics CRM

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