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Sygnity HUB PWI is a system which automates the processes of document exchange between Media Traders and Platforms for Information Exchange (PWI) provided by Distribution Network Operators (OSD).

Our solution optimizes and facilitates the process of preparing requests for trader change as well as cancellation or termination of sales contracts. It automates the acquisition and processing of messages from various Platforms for Information Exchange, supports document and attachment archiving, and enables more convenient reporting thanks to intuitive user panels that present business data from different perspectives.

How it works?

System uses RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technology to log into OSD PWI portals, send or download necessary documents, identify the type of source document and convert it into digital data stream which then powers the database. Consequently, the system automates and accelerates the work that had been done manually, which benefits in saving costs and time.

Solution is built on a reliable and ready-to-use Sygnity Power Automate platform, which consists of:

  • Power Office 2.0 Module that allows to configure business processes adjusted to the needs of the organisation, automatic transformation of vendor change request (and others required by the Distribution Network Operator) into a format compliant with the communication requirements of Information Exchange Platform, request packing, handling of replies to sent requests, automatic update of request information
    notification configuration, generating dynamic statements and reports.
  • RPA module that simulates human work by handling applications sent to Distribution Network Operators. The activities that are being done by robot include: sending the application to PWI, monitoring the state of activities and importing answers, periodic password change on PWI, downloading and saving files that are shared. Information is available to further processing by PWI HUB system.

The client

The perfect clients for our solution are electricity brokers that have to communicate with Distribution System Operators by dedicated Platform for Information Exchange (PWI).

Selected functionalities

Preparation of aggregate documents to be sent to various OSD Information Exchange Platforms. Depending on the selected Distribution Network Operator, the system automatically adjusts the file to the requirements of a specific platform

Automation of sending the documents on vendor change as well as requests for: technical data from energy collecting point, cancelling trading agreements or complaints

Periodical downloading of responses to requests from all information exchange platforms . The data is aggregated into collections that serve as base for advanced reports and graphs

Mapping of data from the received answers and information to suitable database structures that records documents and attachments (for example, technical information, PPE)

A possibility to view data with an option to filter by document types and all the fields. Additionally, the system is equipped with the data export mechanism in many formats (excel, csv, pdf)

Periodic verification of the status of responses to vendor change requests and automatic status updates when information about the change is obtained. Informing about changes via e-mail and dedicated report

Archiving documents and data

Managing access to different PWI platforms from one place

A possibility to manually download files with data or integrate with CRM system

Implementation model

In order to meet the expectations of our clients, we offer several models of implementation:

  • within client’s infrastructure (on-premise), which allows them to have full control over the implemented solution,
  • within Sygnity’s electronic service platform (on-cloud), which allows to reduce unit costs of the implementation and work in subscription model and continue in service model (subscription). This solution is ideal for small and medium companies because of lower costs.
  • In Sygnity infrastructure, which allows to reduce costs of infrastructure operation.

Clients can manage the solution by themselves or (for the convenience and time saving) commission it to our experts.

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