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SOWE_EL system enables a comprehensive exchange of documents with the transmission system operators (TSO) and supports execution of cycles planning as well as registration of real movement evens of Centrally Dispatched Power Generating Unit (CDPGU).

SOWE_EL system is convenient to use thanks to its user-friendly and customized interface, and has been designed using modern technologies (in accordance with Oracle 12+).

It is certified by the TSO to be compliant with the latest version of the SOWE system standards.

Business benefits

Efficient information management – all required data is available in one place

Intuitive and clear charts of the Power Generating Unit status

Security, thanks to verifying accuracy and completion of transferred information

Reducing error, thanks to the validation and the completeness check of the transmitted information

In SOWE_EL system users:

Properly prepare and send documents to TSO

Effectively exchange documents with TSO by:

  • reaching an agreement on planned changes in CDPGU availability
  • efficient planning and conducting of power transmission
  • reporting and registering behaviour of Centrally Dispatched Power Generating Unit
  • reporting working programs of wind Generating Unit
  • analysing and reporting data collected in the system

For whom?

The SOWE_EL system is directed to electricity producers participating in operative cooperation with TSO.

Selected functionalities

Preparing proper documents for TSO:

  • verifies correctness of the documents sent to TSO, thus minimizing the risk related to sending incorrect documents (formal and technical verification)
  • signals inconsistencies in documents

Exchanging documents with TSO:

  • visualizes handling documents sent and/or received from TSO (Documents panel)
  • monitors the acquisition of new documents and informs about the fact all users of the application (SOWE monitor)
  • automates the process of document exchange with TSO (automatic tasks)
  • informs the user about possible communication problems (information about the status of connection with TSO, system logs, information about the status of completed automatic tasks)

Analysing data collected in the system:

  • visualizes charts of Power Generating Unit states
  • compares current status of Centrally Dispatched Power Generating Unit registered in SOWE_EL with the status in Current Daily Coordination Plan
  • archives documents exchanged with TSO in XML from (archive available on the website)
  • reports data registered in the system
  • work points from Current Daily Coordination Plan presents as data charts

Sharing data

It is possible to share data from SOWE_EL system to other systems. In the implementations completed to date, Current Operating Points data from Current Daily Coordination Plan acquired from TSO is transferred from the SOWE_EL system. Data is shared by dedicated database perspectives to systems of work control of specific blocks in power plants.

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