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WIRE_UR is a modern system certified by Transmission System Operator (TSO). It enables Trading Operators (TO) and Technical Trading Operators (TTO) to exchange legally required information on the balancing market.

System realizes a comprehensive and automated exchange of document with the TSO, allows for scheduling of both own and customer Power Generating Units, provides TO/TTO services as well as analysis and reports of data collected in the system.

The system is certified by the TSO to be compliant with the latest, valid version of the WIRE standards.

Business benefits

Efficient data acquisition, thanks to integration with existing measurement systems

Time and costs savings, thanks to automatic creating and sending of the measurement documents

Reducing the risk of errors, thanks to formal and technical validation of documents sent to TSO

Security, thanks to extensive logging of all users’ activities

For whom?

WIRE_UR is dedicated to clients that fulfil the role of Trading Operators or Technical Trading Operators on the balancing market, including:

  • Trading Operators
  • Technical Trading Operators
  • Trading companies
  • Transmission System Operators
  • Energy producers

Selected functionalities

Preparation of correct documents for TSO:

  • manual creation of documents, data duplication from another trading day or automatic import from files and/or external systems in a specific format (for example, xls, XML, PTPiRE)
  • verifying the correctness of the documents sent to TSO, thus minimizing the risk associated with sending incorrect documents (formal and technical verification)
  • signalling inconsistencies in documents
  • mutual verification of energy contract reports
  • verifying the data between ZGWM documents and the day-ahead energy contracts (ZUSE) for the Scheduling Units of Balancing Market Intersystem Exchange participants (JGWMU)
  • suggesting active period of documents and signalling its exceedance in the current day energy contracts
  • dynamic verification of the reported data compatibility, evaluating the market position from the day-ahead energy contracts and the current day energy contracts

Exchanging documents with TSO

  • visualizing flow of documents that are sent and/or received from TSO by the communication system (Technical Trading Operator panel)
  • monitoring the acquisition of new documents and informing all the users about document arrival (documents monitor)
  • automation of the document exchange with TSO
  • informing the user about possible problems with communication (information about the status of connection with TSO, system logs, export/import monitor, information about the activity of the automatic services).


  • supporting the preparation of correct day-ahead energy contracts (ZUSE) for both own and customer Power Generating Units
  • automating the preparing of the day-ahead energy contracts

Analysing data collected in the system

  • archiving documents exchanged with TSO (archive available on the website)
  • versioned documents
  • importing and/or exporting documents from/to files in different formats (xls, xlsx, csv, XML or PTPiREE)
  • reporting data received from TSO
  • creating extended OLAP reports

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