System supporting activities of financial institutions (DIMON)

In 2010 European legislators decided that financial institutions should be more actively involved in the fight against money laundering and terrorism financing. At the same time the first act was adopted, which the under penalty of criminal responsibility obliged financial institutions to registrate suspicious transactions and report them to the General Inspector of Financial Information.

An answer to those challenges is a system that has been functioning in most commercial banks for over twenty years, adapted to the new legal conditions.


Fulfilling all requirements of obligatory reporting

Support connected with legislative changes

Saving time and money

Comprehensive service during implementation and full post-implementation support

IV AML Directive adopted by the European Parliament on the prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing, increases even more the requirements of obligatory reporting. The amended regulations should seal the gaps in the financial system of the European Union so that its internal market is even more secure from suspicious transactions.


System application guarantees fulfilment of the strict requirements of the European Union – providing the full process of monitoring and reporting financial transactions.

calculating the risk of money laundering taking into consideration such factors as geographical coverage, client base, products, services, transactions or distribution channels,

automated and fast process of finding transactions for registering,

a possibility to automatically send information to General Inspector of Financial Information in form of files (thanks to XML technology)

optimizing verification processes, analysing regulatory required scope of data according to defined rules,

collecting data from different sources, aggregation and automatic interpretation based on defined built-in criteria, including the possibility to expand it to the next own modules.


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