Solving the issues concerning obligatory reporting in the field of financial and prudential reporting (SPID)

Banks are obliged to submit cyclical reports to many different supervisory institutions, each of which requires different information. At the same time, the absence of unified standards regarding obligatory reporting, imputation obligations, and technical aspects of reporting together with the continuously growing number of regulators and regulations, banks are facing a serious challenge of meeting the new obligations.

System for Data Processing and Interpretation has been functioning in commercial banks since 2000 and is the answer to the growing requirements of regulators.


Saving the time of employees

undertaking a lot of tedious and repeating activities by a group of people from different sectors with every month report cycle. Saving a lot of time that is needed for analysis and interpretation of data and business activity.

Ensuring data quality

limitation of possible human errors, low effectiveness of work in a spreadsheet

One solution for calculating and correctly preparing all obligatory reports

is timesaving and the most optimized process from the point of view of regulatory savings (automatic calculation engines).

Analytics as well as programmers are behind the functionalities of System. By creating the rules that search for the correspondence between specific data, they ensure that the tool not only meets the legal requirements, but also fulfils business functions. This is precisely the expert team that implements further functionalities over the years and guarantees that System always was and always will be one of the best solutions of that kind in Poland.


In Sygnity S.A. we have started a process of adjusting the system to new requirements (Basel IV). Consecutively, new functionalities will be shared with current Clients according to the schedule accepted by Basel Committee.

solution connects functionality of a reporting tool with analytic engines which calculate Bank’s exposure to different risk categories

system is specified by built-in analytic modules that allow to calculate the requirements from banking risks, flow measuring, leverages, limitations etc.

system makes it possible to create a simulation using real as well as hypothetical data which allows to fulfil the requirements in the field of stress-tests as well as verification of business decisions

it is an analytic platform that allows to organize fully automated reporting process

registers all changes in data in reporting process (important from the point of view of KNF (Polish Financial Supervision Authority) – D Recommendation)

platform collects correct, reconciliated balance and non-balanced data – a place of meeting substantial departments, which gives a possibility to create own reports and use one true source of reliable information about the Bank.


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