Central systems for brokerage houses

Sidoma and Maestro

Sidoma and Maestro

Transaction systems Sidoma and Maestro ensure complete support of financial instruments and are adapted to cooperation with the main stock exchange system of Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW) – UTP, in addition to operating on foreign markets. It ensures handling tasks and settling transactions in real time, helping investors react instantly on market changes. Tasks are completed on different markets with the view of current changes that occur in financial accounts and securities. The solutions are developed, secure and valued on the market.

Additionally, both systems allow for complex handling of own accounts as Animator or Dealer.

Sidoma and Maestro also support operating the register of issue sponsor and private securities.

Systems cooperate with systems dedicated to asset management ASMG, have elaborated modules for supporting investment consulting and ensuring full support of external clients.

Business benefits

Increasing revenues from the activities

thanks to the possibility of acquiring new clients who are waiting for a quicker access to new products and services

Reducing costs connected to handling clients in customer service points

thanks to a possibility for end-users to operate on their own

Convenient use

distribution of exchange listings and trading apparatus in one device

Quick reaction to market changes

thanks to instant PUSH notifications, the user has information immediately when it happens, information about the tasks and immediate updates of account

Eliminating risk of concluding transaction with lack of coverage verification

Accessibility and reliability – systems work 24/7

Security in business and legal activities

thanks to fulfilling the regulations of capital market institutions (Polish Financial Supervision Authority KNF, the National Depository for Securities KDPW, Warsaw Stock Exchange, EU)

Instant reaction to market changes on Polish market (the Warsaw Stock Exchange) and on foreign markets (system works in real time)

Reducing costs and lowering the risk of errors

Zmniejszenie kosztów i ograniczenie ryzyka błędów

thanks to automated business processes operation realized in brokerage houses, taking into account client’s disposition connected to handling and operating brokerage account

Availability at any time and any place

Convenience and possibility to adapt the system to individual needs of brokerage house

Our systems are currently used by 9 institutions – including main brokerage houses that realize the largest turnover on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

We implement solutions and cover consulting, launch and service. We offer special support on each stage of cooperation. We employ high-class specialists with relevant licenses and certificates from such areas as banking, financing, capital market.

Selected functionalities

Reporting tasks

different market listings, advanced payments, task baskets, DDM operating, operating external clients, operating new emissions, including rights issues and special sessions, monitoring, filtering, history

Securities records

settling sessions, automatic and manual accounting, operation log, paper balances on any day, deposit instructions, client’s account analytics on any day, securities turnover, operating consumption and subscription rights, operating benefits from securities, transfers, general meetings, certificates of deposit, clients’ transaction limits, view of orders and transactions, handling external clients, handling requests, handling private securities

Financial accounting

allows users for a convenient definition of own accounts plan, execution of single operations (deposits, payouts, transfers) as well as batch operations

Handling orders received from Asset Management, including group orders (optional)


user and access rights, managing internet clients, instrument parameters, markets, listings, commissions and payments, functions for monitoring system’s work, option of enforced acceptance with certain operations, time limits and controlling trivial passwords

Imports and Exports

Warsaw Stock Exchange systems GPW, , KDPW –ESDK module for communication, OMS (List, FIS, TNS), banking systems, trustees, GIIF, reporting to the National Bank of Poland NBP

Other functions

internal mail, events calendar, document registry

Multicurrency, handling own accounts, interface for Reuters/Polish Press Agency notifications

Online registering

a possibility to handle account opening remotely by the client along with printing agreements for the selected operation range, and filling out a questionnaire, which is a base for client’s classification

As a part of Sidoma group products, we offer application for investors Sidoma WEB.

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