Communication with the National Depository for Securities KDPW

The Electronic System for the Distribution of Messages ESDK Participant


The ESDK system enables banks and brokerage houses that are direct participants of KDPW electronic communication KDPW and KDPW_CCP. Information is exchanged in real time and in a manner ensuring both confidentiality and integrity of transmitted data. Advanced security standards have been applied in ESDK, including: digital signature, maker-checker, authorization module, messages separation for selected modules.

Graphic interface enables both ergonomic overview of received messages and their easy preparation. The system supports messages compliant with the ESDK protocol, including ISO20022 standard.

In the version extended by the OTC module, the system is adjusted to EMIR regulation.

  • The main tasks performed by the ESDK are Exchange of settlement documents
  • Exchange of documents as part of handling benefits from securities

Business benefits

Security – the system is continuously adjusted to current market and legal conditions

Risk reduction – institutions using the system may participate in the handling of transactions in the interbank market, which is aimed at reducing the risk of not fulfilling obligations resulting from the concluded transaction

The system allows subjects concluding transactions in the OTC market to transmit them to central billing. In case of central counterparties fulfilling the requirements of the EMIR regulation, a reduced risk weighting may be applied to transactions in which they become the other party after a novation

Thanks to the stability of the system's operation, institutions can concentrate on developing their business and increasing their competitiveness their competitiveness on the market

Selected functionalities

Exchanging messages between participants and KDPW_CCP or KDPW with separation of messages dedicated to transaction processing (including OTC transactions)

Creating a new message based on existing one (duplication)

Manual creation of any messages, supported by value lists, default values and templates

Creating sequences of business-related messages

Overview of the messages content, their presentation and printing in a user-friendly format

Automatic reports from messages

Exchange of settlement documents

Advanced message filtering

Security mechanisms: digital signature, maker-checker, authorization module

Exporting and importing messages that allow using ESDI channel

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