Comprehensive data management and more accurate forecasts, thanks to the joint forces of AMSLite and Sygnity Forecast systems.

For medium-sized companies that also play a role of DNO (Distribution Network Operator) ongoing data control allows for minimizing costs as well as making strategic decisions based on data. They require a comprehensive solution that, on the one hand, will provide reliable data on the current media consumption, and on the other hand, will help to efficiently predict the amount of energy to be produced (for example, from photovoltaic panels or windmills).

All those benefits are provided by the combination of AMSLite and Sygnity Forecast solutions. Integrated system efficiently supports companies in everyday media management, with the minimal engagement of an employee. All this so that the client can focus on business, not on data collection and analysis.

The client

The ideal client for our solution is a medium-sized production company, which –  due to its business and 24-hour work system – consumes large amount of media. Moreover, the level of this consumption is seasonal and depends on many factors, which makes it difficult not only to accurately forecast the demand, but also to reduce losses on an ongoing basis. Additionally, the client can cover part of the demand by producing energy, for example through a photovoltaic power station or wind farms. In the case of DNO, client also has a concession on electricity distribution.

The joint forces of AMSLite and Sygnity Forecast –  high quality data and more accurate forecasts

AMSLite is a metering system that enables not only effective collection of measurement data, but also their detailed analysis in a real time. Sygnity Forecast, on the other hand, is a forecasting system, which uses historic data to generate forecasts of demand for both media and energy generated from renewable energy sources (RES). It also allows to track the energy demand and cover that demand in concluded contracts. The combination of AMSLite and Sygnity Forecast systems allows for comprehensive and effective data management and provides more reliable forecasts, due to which companies can:

  • Minimize the costs of energy and other utilities, thanks to a high quality data and, consequently, more effective forecasts.
  • Plan investments and production more effectively, as they know which equipment in the company is the most energy-intensive.
  • Reduce the risk of unexpected costs. Due to constant access to data, they react faster to deviations of a given medium (for example, a sudden significant increase in the energy consumption, or excesses in contractual parameters) and failures of equipment or other detected anomalies, which are the symptoms of alarming situations in the network.

In case of companies with an energy distribution license, simultaneous implementation of both systems allows them to efficiently fulfil the responsibilities that come from their role on the Energy Market, today and in the future.

System adapted to the clients’ needs


Developed standards together with flexible cooperation model allow us to adapt the system to the clients’ needs. We offer implementation of the whole solution as well as only its selected modules with the possibility of future expansion. Business processes are modelled accordingly to the client’s needs.

In order to meet the expectations of our clients, we offer several models of implementation:

  • within client’s infrastructure (on-premise), which allows them to have full control over the implemented solution,
  • within Sygnity’s electronic service platform (on-cloud), which allows to reduce unit costs of the implementation and work in subscription model.

Thanks to a friendly interface, clients can manage the solution by themselves or – for the convenience and time saving – can commission it to our experts.