Comprehensive implementation of all logistics processes within an industrial plant



The Janus platform enables effective and fully automated vehicle management within an industrial plant and a comprehensive implementation of all logistics processes. It helps to reduce losses caused by ineffective traffic control on the plant premises, improves communication with drivers, as well as the loading and unloading process.

Our solution has been successfully implemented in the largest and most advanced Polish industrial enterprises. It is thanks to the Janus system that one of our clients has eliminated the bottlenecks that prevent efficient and effective transport services. Thanks to proces automation, the average time of service on scales was significantly reduced – from 4 hours to 1 hour as well as the average waiting time in parking lots – from 2 hours to 30 minutes.

Business benefits

  • Cost savings through more efficient transport planning and a significant reduction in vehicle handling time (no empty runs).
  • Elimination of double handling at the entry and exit gates (security and weighing process), thanks to self-service.
  • Improvement of reporting and billing as well as accounting processes.
  • Greater control over the products dispensed (e.g. by monitoring the weight of vehicles entering and leaving), which significantly reduces the risk of fraud.
  • Reducing losses caused by inefficient traffic control by, among other things, shortening the driver’s total waiting time from registration to leaving the plant.

Selected functionalities

Effective management and cost savings through full automation of:

  • Registration of vehicles and drivers, including self-service terminal drivers registration
  • The process of handling traffic, including management of vehicle queuing and vehicle recall
  • Weighing processes, e.g. by enabling sel-service
  • Loading and unnloading

Providing security by:

  • Monitoring of exceedances (including weight and time exceedances)
  • The ability to collect detailed data on loading times, journeys and weight of vehicles entering and leaving the industrial plant
  • Limitating direct contacts (self-service terminals)

Improving the reporting processes by:

  • Increasing the efficiency of the reporting process thanks to ready-made templates and the possibility of building dedicated templates without the software modification
  • Possibility of sending reports by e-mail to defined persons or selected groups of recipients

A system tailored to real customer needs

Developed standards enable us to adapt the platform to different Client’s needs. We offer both the implementation of a comprehensive solution, allowing for the effective management of all logistics processes on the site of the industrial plant, as well as only its selected modules with the possibility of expansion in the future.
Thanks to a friendly interface, the Client can manage the system on his own or (for convenience and time saving) outsource it to our experts.

What our clients say

Implementation of Janus 5 system together with automation of THE weighing processes in ANWIL S.A.

“We’re currently handling over two hundred loads a day at ANWIL. Thanks to the launch of a modern system that automated part of this process we were able to eliminate the bottleneck, which was the capacity of truck scales. With so much traffic, shortening the time of handling one car by one minute means two to three hours less work on each of the scales, which eliminates any possible blockages”. – says Lech Zobniów, Director of Logistics Office in ANWIL S.A.

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