Comprehensive management of sales and warehouses 



Systems enables companies trading liquid fuels efficiently manage their warehouses at every stage of order execution, to monitor the condition of fuels in tanks on an ongoing basis and to automatically generate invoices.

One tool, many functions

PetroHurt consists of two modules communicating with each other in real time:

Internal sales and warehouse management system

enabling, i.a.: warehouse management, transaction settlement, creation of contracts with customers and invoicing.

Web application for tank operators and drivers

which enables quick and convenient management of both fuel distribution and deliveries.

Thanks to the ongoing exchange of information between the modules, the office workers monitor all documents entered by the operator in the central system in the real time.

Business benefits:

Greater control over business thanks to:

  • the exchange of information between operators and office workers in a real time, which makes it easier to control fuel distribution by the drivers,
  • current information about the stock and condition of fuel in each cistern, which enables more effective distribution of orders between drivers,
  • better control of the fleet and more efficient planning of delivery routes (no empty runs).

Improved financial flow thanks to:

  • immediate generation of sales invoices at the moment of fuel release, which prevents delays in invoicing,
  • automatic generation of invoices without the need for the workers to calculate prices, which limits the risk of errors,
  • the possibility of releasing fuel without a definite purchase price (purchase prices can be added after the release and without user interference).

Efficient resource management thanks to:

  • saving time by distributing work between office workers and drivers (drivers can introduce delivers),
  • self-service, thanks to which the drivers working in the early morning hours no longer need to be supported by office workers.

The client

Ideal clients for our solution are companies:

  • managing wholesale and/or retail fuel trading,
  • concluding many contracts with customers under different conditions (e.g. different spot prices, specific fuel prices, delivery places, prices from delivery days and orders),
  • having a difficulty in defining fuel prices,
  • that need a system that differentiates real and reference temperatures,
  • having or need to have certain batches of fuel separately in each cistern and fuel base.

Selected functionalities:

Managing contractors, contracts, fleet, bases and gas stations

Operating FRANCO and LOCO models

SPOT pricelists and the pricelist of discount for suppliers at fuel bases

Planning driver’s routes (drag & drop) and generating ADR consignment notes

Invoices in the moment of fuel release, according to schedule or automatic, electronic invoices (a possibility to send invoices via email with the option of required signature)

Many reporting possibilities, i.a.: sales, profitability, sale trends, fuel stocks and demand

Calculation module: real and reference temperatures, calculating losses, purchase price per base and supplier

Support for various types of fuel dispensing: counter, drops, scale, customer protocol, metering systems

Customer/trader orders portal – additional element

There is also a possibility to extend the application with a portal for traders and clients, which allows to view generated invoices, create orders for fuel delivery and view storage conditions. As a result, the client has constant access to contract information, executed transactions and settlements through a convenient and intuitive web application.

Implementation model

In order to meet the expectations of our clients, we offer several models of implementation:

  • implementation of the whole solution, which allows for implementation of all processes connected to managing fuel and storage facilities supported by PetroHurn and integration with billing and accounting systems,
  • implementation of selected modules supporting implementation of selected processes with the possibility of future expansion.

Thanks to a friendly interface, clients can manage the solution by themselves or – for the convenience and time saving – can commission it to our experts.

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