Effective management of fleet contracts



The PetroBiznes system enables fuel industry companies to effectively manage fleet contracts, automates and speeds up transaction settlements and invoicing, and allows to manage both global and card contracts in real time, thanks to a direct connection with terminals at the stations.

Implementation effects

Our solution has been successfully implemented in the largest fuel companies in Poland. As a result, one of our Clients has significantly reduced the time and costs associated with handling 20,000 transactions with fleet cards per day. The PetroBiznes system, by turning the fleet card into a payment card, enables convenient transactions also for other services. This helped our Client increase revenue from the sale of services and products available at fuel stations by several percent every year.

Business benefits

Client (station)

  • Increased sales at the station, thanks to convenient non-cash purchases.
  • Prevention of exceeding the defined limits, thanks to real-time monitoring of customers’ purchases and expenses.
  • Monitoring of contract and card limits and managing discounts in real time.
  • Automatic and instantaneous transfer of transaction data from the station to the central system.
  • Improved invoicing process and reduced risk of errors thanks to full automation.
  • Efficient and safe handling of foreign fleets (DKV, UTA, etc.).
  • Easy contact with customers, thanks to SMS or email notifications.
  • Intuitive handling of contracts, thanks to modern web application with a friendly interface.
  • Improved strategic business decisions process, thanks to the analytical module, allowing for collection and advanced analysis of data on the behavior of station customers.

End Client (company/fleet)

  • Improved control over employees’ transactions, thanks to constant access to information.
  • The possibility to personalize fleet cards, so that the end Client can allocate individual bonuses to his employees.
  • Convenient management of contracts and discounts in real time, thanks to which the Client can dynamically define his own purchase portfolio within the group limits granted.
  • Faster transaction settlement and invoicing process (e.g. wholesale invoicing), thanks to automation (eInvoice).
  • Easy integration with any financial and accounting systems in the company.

Selected functionalities

Providing security

Cost savings and elimination of errors, thanks to full automation

Easy integration with ERP systems, highway networks, foreign fleet operators, sales systems and others.​

Implementation process

1. The analysis of the Client needs
2. Proposing a solution that takes into account the individual business needs
3. The system implementation
4. Trainings and workshops
5. The production launch (including the possibility of supplying and commissioning of the devices)
6. Post-implementation support
7. Maintenance and further development according to customer needs

A system adapted to real clients needs

Developed standards and a flexible model of cooperation allow us to adapt the system to different business needs. We offer both the implementation of a comprehensive solution as well as only its selected modules, with the possibility of expansion in the future.

Thanks to a friendly interface, the Client can manage the system on his own or – for convenience and time saving – commission it to our experts.

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