Case study

How does our Client from the fuel industry efficiently manage 500 thousand active fleet cards thanks to the PetroBiznes system?

The PetroBiznes system enables fuel industry companies to effectively manage fleet contracts, automates and speeds up transaction settlements and invoicing, and allows to manage both global and card contracts in real time, thanks to a direct connection with terminals at the stations.

The end client, through an easy to use panel, has access to information about their employees’ transactions in real time, thanks to which they can dynamically manage contracts and control card limits.

The Client

Our Client is one of the largest fuel companies in Poland. The company has over 500 gas stations, over 40,000 active fleet contracts and 500,000 active fleet cards. The Client sells fuel to fleet cards holders within his own fleet, as well as cooperates with the largest fleet operators in the country and abroad. Every day, approximately 20,000 fleet card transactions are carried out at his gas stations.

The main business need of the Client was to manage many fleet contracts and a large number of fuel cards using one system that would be easy to integrate with other systems that were already used in the company. In addition, the Client needed an extensive analytical module that would allow for the collection and advanced analysis of data on customer behavior. All this to make better business decisions.

To implement this project, the Client chose a solution powered by Sygnity – the PetroBiznes system, which enables fuel industry companies to effectively manage fleet contracts, automates and speeds up transaction settlements and invoicing, and allows to manage both global and card contracts in real time, thanks to a direct connection with terminals at the stations. 

As a result, the Client not only significantly reduced the time and costs associated with handling 20,000 fleet cards transaction per day, but also increases his revenue from the sale of services and products available at the gas stations by several percent every year.

The role of Sygnity

Sygnity’s task was to develop and implement an IT system meeting all the Client’s needs. The biggest challenge was to prepare the architecture of the solution so as to optimize the time of performing individual activities considering a large number of contracts and fleet cards. We wanted the system to be fast, secure and free from performance problems. Moreover, our priority was to design application screens so that they were not only modern but also intuitive.

To map handling of contracts and the information flow in the most accurate way, our team conducted a business and system analysis of all the processes as they were performed by the Client hitherto.

Cooperation process:

The project was implemented in 15 months. This was possible thanks to the experience of our team and their knowledge of the industry, as well as our standards of work on large projects developed over the years, and a very good cooperation with the Client’s team.

For the purposes of the implementation, we created a team of several members composed of representatives of both sides. The developed solutions and functionalities were shared with the Client on a regular basis – as a result a functional scope of the implemented system was steadily increasing, until full planned functionality was achieved. It was important to us that business representatives also participated in the meetings, so that they could present their system requirements on an ongoing basis.

Effects of the implementation:

Thanks to the implemented system, the Client:

  • records and settles contracts faster and more efficiently;
  • improved the security of transactions due to automatic control of card limits, contracts limits, and discounts;
  • speeded up the transaction settlement process – now the system automatically gathers the invoicing data and issues invoices;
  • improved the invoicing process – the invoices are signed with an electronic signature and automatically sent through the application;
  • accelerated communication between the employees of the headquarters and the end customer thanks to automatic SMS and email notifications;
  • verifies transaction margins or the number of products sold more efficiently thanks to the CIA reporting module;
  • has comprehensive knowledge of the history of each contract with the end customer and as a result can make better business decisions (e.g. about additional discounts);
  • improved customer service at the stations thanks to the elimination of errors related to long reading of fleet cards or available products incorrectly coded on the card profile.

Implementation beneficiaries:

Recipients of the services provided by the Client

Thanks to the PetroBiznes system the end customers (companies and company fleets) increase the level of control over employee transactions and manage contracts and discounts more conveniently (as a result they can dynamically define their own purchasing portfolio within the group limits granted). Thanks to an easy integration with any financial and accounting system, they also significantly accelerate the process of transaction settlement and invoicing.

Sales departments

Thanks to an easy-to-use fleet card, which also becomes a payment card, customers are more willing to purchase services and products available at the gas stations. In addition, an extensive analytical system allows to collect and analyze data on the customer behavior that helps make better business decisions. On top of it, thanks to SMS or email notifications, the Client can inform his customers about his special offers on an ongoing bases.

Accounting departments

The PetroBiznes system significantly improves the process of invoicing and sending the invoices to the customers. Thanks to the full automation of the process it also reduces the risk of errors.