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Adapter Express Elixir

Adapter Express Elixir

Adapter Express Elixir certified by KIR supports banks in quick introduction of instant payments.

Express Elixir managed by KIR (National Clearing House) is the most modern system for managing instant payments in Poland, allowing for immediate and direct processing of transactions both between sender and recipient accounts in different banks, as well as to phone numbers (using the BLIK system). Thanks to KIR and NBP infrastructure, the funds remain within the banking system.

In order to enable banks and other financial institutions to efficiently participate in instant payment system, we have built Adapter Express Elixir. This is ready and easy to implement application certified by KIR, which considerably reduces costs and time needed to introduce modifications in banking systems.

Adapter ensures not only payments, but also supports bank in processes connected with participating in clearing systems, allowing for:

  • archiving messages sent between KIR and the Bank
  • billing control (reports, summaries, operating reconciliation files)
  • liquidity monitoring (the adapter determines the balance of the settlement account on the basis of transactions carried out by the adapter and reports from KIR)
  • generating statements and monitoring balances on fiduciary accounts
  • monitoring and management of the adapter’s operation (including duplicate detection, complaint mode support, event log)

Adapter Express Elixir is a ready-made, production-oriented and easy to implement system built with the newest technologies, certified by the KIR and compliant with its latest guidelines . The system architecture and technology guarantee quick implementation and reliability.

Adapter Express Elixir can support multiple business applications and is easily integrated with any core system, regardless of the supplier.

Instant payments 24/7

Banks that offer their clients instant transactions 24/7/365 undoubtedly achieve competitive advantage. To make it easier for them, we have prepared an additional module to Adapter Express Elixir – Business Database, which expands the functionalities of instant payment systems, allowing for:

handling instant payments 24/7/365

keeping a register of both clients' and own (bank) accounts

authorizing instant payments received from KIR

convenient handling of credits and debit accounts, resulting from instant payment processing

withdrawing account blocks that result from payment rejection

automatic directing of orders to the Central System in an predictable manner and in accordance with the capacity of the system

support of the bank's business applications in the scope of handling the credit/charge of the account resulting from the execution of immediate payments and withdrawing the account blocs that result from rejection of the payment

Additionally, during the period of unavailability of business application, the Business Database acts as a buffer database.

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