System for complex managing of meter data of the grid and recipients

AMS is a system of Smart Metering class, which ensures a complex support in realization of basic business process of Energy Market participants, connected with meter data management, allows to effectively fulfil the regulatory requirements of Energy Market participant.

AMS is a system of Smart Metering class. Thanks to the modern approach to integration (SOA), it gives a possibility not only to collect data and go through processes that come from responsibilities of energy market participant, but also to analyse data of recipients and grid points in great detail, e.g. with a purpose of discovering illegal consumption of electricity or supporting management of electricity grid development.

AMS allows to personalize cockpits and presentation form and business processes that are modelled according to personalized needs of the Client.


Allows to effectively operate a growing number of remotely read metering systems

as well as managing meter data on a mass scale

Reliable and timely data collection, processing and sharing

Independent of acquisition system suppliers

integrating meter data from different reading modules

Uncovering anomalies of

for example, illegal consumption in electricity grid or incorrect work of measuring machines and devices

Building energy awareness of end users

Support of complaint processing

possibility to compare values taken for accounting with source data

Built-in dedicated analytic reports

and flexible creating of reports based on XLS templates

AMS stores in central repository (MDM) meter data of different media collected from acquisition systems in a systematic way, according to binding standards and norms. Due to optimal and scaled architecture, AMS system can easily operate millions of measurement points.


System has an ergonomic user interface, which includes, among others, complex filters, convenient system of reports and alerts available in operator cockpit, and a graphic tool for monitoring and scheduling business processes.

verification, validation, estimation, ranking and substitution of meter data collected from acquisition systems (e. g. Sygnity MAD)

possibility of creating hierarchic structures which recorded measurement data of actual energy from an indicated physical metering point

balancing power stations and grid nodes

operating Balance Market in terms of preparing and sharing measuring data to Market Participants

creating single-lines schemes of electric grid with interactive elements

generating reports directly from grid schemes for power stations or a specific physical measurement point

monitoring specific electricity meters and objects in a form of tables or graphs

meter data transfer to external systems e.g. balancing or forecasting

grouping measurements in a static as well as dynamic way based on selected criteria, such as tariff group, meter model etc.

quick aggregated data allocation (hourly, monthly) for request without the need to keep that data in a database

Sygnity offers solution implementation in several options:

As part of client’s infrastructure (on-premise) – allows clients to have full control over the implemented solution,

As part of Sygnity electronic service platform (on-cloud) – allows to reduce of individual system implementation costs and work in operation model (subscription).

Administration and management services can be provided by Sygnity, or Clients can manage the solution by themselves.


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