Providing Data & Analytics services for the energy sector and industry

The scope of services results directly from the Customer needs and may relate to several areas and issues listed below.


Data Quality Management

concerns the provision of business analysis services to analyse and obtain value from countless data sources that we collect on a large scale.

Data Discovery

is the scope of our service where we pay attention that access to data is not limited to IT departments only. It is business users who have the chance to find behavioural patterns and combine many different data.

Artificial Intelligence

a service that combines artificial intelligence with autonomous things and focuses on the level of sophistication of artificial intelligence that interacts with the environment.

Predictive and prescriptive analytical tools

service in the field of development of prescriptive analytics. Predictive analytics is the practice of extracting information from existing datasets to predict future probabilities. The data is analysed in terms of what decisions should be made and what steps should be taken to achieve the intended goal.

Data management

data is only useful if available. The new tools and methods of data preparation provided by us will help increase this trend and reduce the gap between business and technology.

Cooperating data from various sources

Today, not only business information is being analysed in business. There are many factors that influence customer decisions. That is why it has become so important to look at data from many different sources.

Data-driven business

all decisions in the enterprise and implementation of processes are based on data. Even qualitative data can be used to support decision making. This is to exclude actions based on intuition, and to rely on real facts.


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