System supporting customer service and gas station management

Solution that fulfils requirements of the smallest point of fuel sales as well as big systems of stations with extended facilities. Our offer is a modern system supporting to the full extent customer service and gas station management.  It includes fuel and non-fuel goods sale, managing station store, managing automated system, operating loyalty programs and operating fleet.


Optimizing work processing

by full storage accounting due to the wide range of storage documents and cooperation with financial and accounting systems

Helping with turnover increase

due to the cooperation with loyalty and fleet programs

Facilitates product management

(classification, alternative names) and price (margin ranges, constant prices, suggested prices)

Supporting products receiving

based on orders, imports from files or collectors

Ensuring support and accounting for quantity and quality of inventory

with a possibility to automatically create documents of shortages and excesses

Ensuring sales reporting

and deliveries to the stations as well as sending data to centres

Full control of workers and operations

increasing security of transactions and eliminating potential abuse

Managing and registering system cooperates with functioning on gas station automation of distributors and tanks. Our solution, together with keeping records of fuel delivery and stock control, ensures full control of the processes of sales and delivery from distributers as well as to station employees. Operating cash registered has a full on-line access to distributor’s functioning and can control its work.


System has a possibility to cooperate with the system for data gathering and managing. Thanks to the modern technology that is at the foundation, its extension is limited only by the possibilities of devices that it works with.

ensures cooperation with automation from all types of distributors and tanks currently available on the market;

supports the process of selling fuel and non-fuel products and services;

allows to operate different payment methods, including currency, mixed and fleet payments, supports cashiers accounting;

ensures counterparty’s identification and quick in-voicing;

gives a possibility to print labels;


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