Solutions for fuel trade and non-fuel turnover on a station

Since 2005, with the stable development of fuel market in Poland, our offer develops as well. Currently we have solutions for each company that works in fuel trading and non-fuel turnover on a station. We are one of the leading producers of solutions that support fuel turnover on Polish market. Our software is used by the whole sales network of Lotos Paliwa together with the central office, a number of networks of gas stations of medium size and around 500 standalone gas stations.


Solution that fulfils requirements of the smallest point of fuel sales as well as big systems of stations with extended facilities. Our offer is a modern system…


Solution that support managing of the gas station network, which allows to efficiently monitor and administer the work of any number of gas stations gathered in one network. Central system ensures, among others, control of selling prices, allows to make necessary analysis…


Created by us thorough solutions for operating fleet cards ensures full control of this process. Thanks to the introduction of fleet operating functioning, there is a possibility to strengthen the relation with regular institution clients…


Central analytic module is a repository of knowledge about all transactions realised on the station. Thanks to the logical structure of the base, there is a possibility to easily build reports, and processing data by normalization and cleaning ensures readable and unambiguous information…


Solution for wholesale turnover of liquid fuels, which allows to register and record sales as well as other storage events. System is integrated with automatic measuring as well as…


Thorough solution for operating gas turnover ensures full control of this process. System that support the process of gas turnover together with relevant control devices and software, supports managing, operating, production, sales and accounting for tanks and terminals…


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