Solution for fleet cards

Created by us solutions for operating fleet bards ensure full control of this process. Thanks to the introduction of fleet operating functioning, there is a possibility to strengthen the relation with regular institution clients. Own fleet is defined in central system based on trading agreements concluded with fleet contractors.


Solution allows to introduce price discounts

and cashless accounting of made transactions

A possibility to control and limit the selected list of products and services

assigned to the fleet card (can be different for different clients, and different for different cards of one client)

A possibility to regulate the discount level

and price lowering

Fulfilling various expectations of clients

by a possibility to parametrize cards and introduce, for example, a limit for single purchase, period limits – quality and quantity, daily limits of visits to a gas station (in the whole network)

A possibility of emergency cash withdrawal by station workers

Fleet card that we offer is a chip card that has a number of securities, including PIN number and expiration date date. In order to ensure safety of a transaction in a cashless way, central system has also an option of blocking cards. In solutions for payments of alien fleets, fleet/payment terminal is also a reader of data from alien fleet card and can verify PIN number (function connected to working with systems from UTA/DKV).


In cashless transactions connected with issuing fuel based on fleet card a very important is vindication module. Realization of vindication function happens on the side of central applications that cooperates with accounting system. This module monitors, among others, the amount of credit, a level of using global limit and other information connected to transaction safety. Other characteristics of a system are:

security from all attempts to abuse cashless payments

chip fleet cards that has a number of safeguards

a possibility to define parameters of the card


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