Moduł analityczny o transakcjach realizowanych na stacji

Central analytic module is a repository of knowledge about all transactions made on the station. Due to the logical structure of the base, there is a possibility to easily build reports, and process data by normalization and cleaning ensures readable and unambiguous information.

Analytic data is available in the form of multidimensional data structures, as so-called analytical cubes. This architecture allows analytics to use in their work their favouring tool – spreadsheet MS Excel and its pivot tables. It is also easy to prepare own reports and summaries – one can choose from data cubes after formatting cells.


A possibility of cross-sectional reporting, regardless of system source

Quick reporting, thanks to reports in real time

Reliable on-line reporting in one database

Thanks to system logic and full integration with information management subsystem, it is possible to share in one place to a number of users updated reports and data. Unlike the standard ways of reporting, our solution allows to have access to all historical and current reports regarding transaction and indicators, from the level of one interface and by using only a browser.


Thanks to the interface methods, it integrates perfectly with already existing analytic system, for example, with corporate data storage, which allows to have access to information about all transactions released on the station, not only by report module and spreadsheets.

friendly user interface created based on MS Excel tables

security of data access thanks to the extended permission model


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