Complete solution to handle gas trading

Solution supporting the process of operating gas turnover together with relevant control devices and software, supports managing, operating, production, sales and accounting for tanks and gas terminals. It is built in modular way, due to which it is possible to start only a selected element, due to which it can be adjusted to individual client’s needs. Parametrization gives in addition a possibility to set the application accordingly to the client’s preferences.


A possibility to monitor business

by central managing of warehouse of tanks and gas, selling and accounting transactions, production, agreements

Control of tank state

by viewing in real time

Counting prices

based on individual parameters

Support in building selling strategies

tanks to the possibility of monitoring sales and analysing selling trends

Saving time

of planning drivers’ routs and issuing documents in automatic mode

Process of operating gas includes the whole way from the process of delivery and production with distribution, to final accounting of sales from terminals. The process of selling from tanks is also supported.


One of the functionalities of the system is tax warehouse that supports accounting of gas purchase and calculating the appropriate quantity of excise duty and fuel payment.

Creating individual gas recipes and creating products based on recipes

Creating gas deliveries to gas terminals and tanks

Keeping records of gas prices

Gas price list – defining base price of gas selling in concrete terminal. Functionality allows to calculate gas prices based on individual algorithms defined in an application

A possibility to convert gas from tonnes to litres

Operating gas warehouses – functionality that allows to manage gas warehouses (PZ, WZ, MM, INV, etc.), inventory

Telemetry – interface that collects data from telemetry meters that clients have

Sales agreements, including individual discounts and full operating of orders from clients

Planning routs of delivery from drivers and FRANCO and LOCO operating

Accounting and invoicing – creating issuances and invoicing transactions


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