System supporting the process of wholesale turnover of liquid fuels

System supporting the process of wholesales turnover of liquid fuels with relevant control devices and software for tanks and oil bases.

System includes central module which servers for operating warehouse, accounting transactions, creating agreements with clients, in-voicing etc. and a website thanks to which operator can quickly operate fuel issuing to the client or accept delivery. Website works in a browser on computer as well as on mobile devices. It communicates with the central database directly, due to which user in the office of the company can see the whole operation immediately in the central system.

Application for managing oil base serves to operate deliveries and issuances for contractors and tanks for drivers.

It allows to preview the warehouse state of fuel, verify the list of orders to operate in one day. It allows to register issuance based on readings from oil base automation.

Website in the version for retailers and clients allows to preview invoices generated for the clients, create orders for fuel delivery in central systems and view warehouse state (in case of retailers).

Website for automated stations supports the driver in operating the station. Registering issuances, creating handlings, viewing warehouse state, creating fuel transfer between tanks.


Due to the possibility to operate in a web browser, big equipment in the workstation is not required.

Thanks to the interface for measuring systems of distributors and tanks, system user can see all transaction in real time on application screen.

Controlling conducted business

thanks to the central managing of warehouse of tanks and oil bases (real-time view of state of tanks), managing sales and accounting of transactions and agreements

Supervising automobile fleet

Saving time on planning routes of drivers’ deliveries.

System is built in modules, due to which it is possible to start only selected elements. Thanks to parametrization, there is a possibility to appropriately adjust application to client’s preferences. System has interface for external systems, such as accounting systems.


System is integrated with measuring systems. Operating issuances happens automatically based on tankers automation and distributor’s readings and data introduced by the driver. Own transport operation is based on RW, and alien – in accordance with client’s agreement.

Counting fuel’s volume from the real temperature to reference temperature

Verification of deliveries and automatic deliveries

Automatic created of cards of fillings/claim documents; a possibility to issue documents in automatic mode;

Monitoring selling and analysis of selling trends;

Calculating prices based on individual parameters;

Agreements with clients and individual discounts, SPOT price lists and price lists of discounts from providers on oil bases

Central invoicing according to schedules

Planning routs of deliveries of drivers, FRANCO and LOCO operating


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