Solution for maintaining geodetic and cartographic registers

Kataster WZ system is Sygnity S.A. original software for keeping selected  registers of State Geodetic and Cartographic Registers  as well as supporting management of geodetic centre on the districts level.

Kataster WZ system allows to maintain databases EMUiA, EGiB, RCiWN, GESUT, BDOT500 and BDSOG (including measurement  warp) and generating standard cartographic developments ( basic/master map, cadastral map) and documents (for example extracts). System is also equipped with web portal and appropriate interfaces for data exchange.

Main system functionalities are:

Maintaining registers of lands, buildings and premises

Lands and buildings Register as well as Prices and value of property Register. Realizing functions connected with maintaining the register of prices and value of properties, as well as a description part of registers of lands, buildings and premises and making analysis, theme maps, sharing description and geometrical data, verification of description and spatial data, verifying quality and quantity of registered data.

Maintaining object-oriented master map

and visualization of all spatial analysis as well as graphic editions of other objects that have geographical references

Managing notifications

about geodetic works

Managing material resources

and granting licence for material resources

Registering archived geodetic works

for access to documents and archived information

Registering orders

for extracts and prints from a map

Operating coordination process

of reconciliation of-designed utilities network location

Maintaining data

on geodetic and measuring warp

Managing payments

for shared data

Web portal integrated with other System modules

allows to communicate with geodetic units, including announcing geodetic work information about the status of application

Providing information

signal about made register changes to selected recipients with the help of electronic mail, system of document circulation or available in the module information window about changes

Assisting with tasks

connected with operating asset appraiser


Kataster WZ System substantially supports operating functionality processes in centres of geodetic and cartographic documentation

on the level of districts that are directly responsible for maintaining aforementioned databases. These databases are basic elements of spatial information infrastructure, around which local government administration, government or other subjects (including network sectors) are building different domain solutions that require access to actual and reliable PZGIK data.

Kataster WZ System guarantees maintaining a high quality of referential data.

Kataster WZ System offers a possibility to adjust to the requirements that are connected to the area or a way of keeping registers.

Kataster WZ System is built in an open and developing architecture and in accordance with OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) regulations and EU directive INSPIRE. Solution is based on one, common spatial database with a possibility to have access  to other systems by interface that have key data.


maintaining registers of lands, buildings and premises (EGiB), utilities network  (GESUT), topographical objects (BDOT500), streets, addresses together with maps (EMUiA), geodetic bases (BDSOG),

maintaining registers of price and value of properties (RCiWN) together with price map,

gathering, keeping and sharing state geodetic and cartographic registers on district level and keeping metadata as well as automatic generation of security copy,

automatically generating clauses in accordance with the existing regulations during the process of sharing data and material resources,

integrating with data circulation at least in the area of integrating registered applications and conducted cases,

integrating with register of residents.


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