Solution for managing local spatial development plans

Sonet MPZP is Sygnity S.A. original software that serves for managing Local Spatial Management Plans as well as the Study of the Conditions and Directions of Spatial Management (the Study) in accordance with accepted standardization.

Sonet MPZP supports the whole process of creating spatial plans and studies connected with geodetic, cadastral, raster, architectural data. It allows to create, edit, and view both geometric and description data of plans and studies in the context of other data sources. It allows also to share its own data to other systems such as, for example,   State Property Registry,   Register of Historic Monuments,   Zoning Permit.

Program allows to view historic local spatial plans or import data prepared by external companies. Sonet MPZP also gives a possibility to share data by web portal  as well as data exchange interfaces.

Main system functions:

Implemented procedure for creating plans

in accordance with the law.

Data created in stages

in accordance with the law and act on planning and spatial managing.

A possibility to draw on layers

plan units, points, zones, planned and existing infrastructures.

A possibility to verify correctness of units’ geometry

(units overlap, holes detection etc.), percentage of area overlap by rudimentary plan units.

A possibility to automate geometry drawing by:

  • snapping to map objects,
  • generating buffers around geometric objects,
  • ensuring topological areas edition,
  • pasting required buildings lines based on plan units.

Automatic generating excerpts and map extracts

Sharing plan records

in connecting with geodetic and cadastral data.

Reports and summaries

  • report of local spatial plan approval,
  • report of study approval,
  • report of applications for changing planned land use,
  • reports of applications/notes to the project,
  • and others.


Sonet MPZP supports the whole process of creating plans and the study

on district level which is directly responsible for spatial planning policy on its territory. Created plans form the basis for making administration decisions in this district.

Sonet MPZP guarantees the high quality of data.

Sonet MPZP offers a possibility to adjust to the requirements connected to the range and the way of keeping plans and studies.


System makes it possible among others to:

register applications for  drawing-up  or change of local spatial management plan or study,

register  borders and objects of planning document that is not a local spatial management plan or study of conditions and directions of spatial management  of a commune (environmental, financial and eco-physiographic prognosis),

records of accessions spatial plans that include resolutions with graphic attachments,

creating plan area under the resolution about the case of starting to work on drawing up a spatial plan  with assigned identification attributes of this plan and its formal and legal state,

using data from other systems and sharing own data to other systems,

registering applications and suggestions submitted during the procedure of creating local spatial management plan and/or study of conditions and directions of spatial management of a commune ,

registering applications about map extracts and excerpts / opinions from local plan,

issuing map extracts and excerpts from a plan,

records of original raster of plans drawing and raster of plan cut to the border of drawn-up plan,

records of study of condition and directions of spatial management,

records of original raster of study of condition and directions of spatial management  and raster of study cut to the borders,

records of planning payments, including keeping registers together with decision issuing,

records of application about charges before disposing of property,

records of notarial acts and their analysis,

registering claims connected to compensation, exchange or  purchasing of property,

integration with document workflow   at least in the field of integrating registered applications and open cases,

integration with data, among the others, about building, environmental protection, geological archives, database of obstructed areas, investments, monuments.


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