Energy Management System (EMS)

Sygnity product for Energy and Media retailers offer:

  • Providing energy and media recipients tools for managing consumption in real time.
  • Platform supporting media recipients in determining saving goals, helps with evaluating undertaken changed and localized cases of excess losses,
  • Gives personalized services of support in professional managing of energy and media.
  • Allows to use a Platform that are available on-cloud.

The primary business goal in creating product is

  • Realizing transmission way from meter together with collecting meter data for EMS taking into account optimal price and reliable ways of meter data transmission.
  • Providing functionality of EMS product that allows to view consumption profiles as well as a possibility to carry out analysis of own consumption based on built-in system logic together with advances diagram and table presentations of profile in time, taking into account energy tariffs, energy prices, writing distributional and sales agreements, technical parameters of energetic connections.
  • Analysis of meter data by comparing chosen time periods, for example, current week to “reference” week.
  • A possibility to use “power guard”, analyse excess of ordered power, instantaneous power together with time trends.
  • Analysis of energy and media consumption from the point of view of the opening and closing hours of a building, excess of ordered power.


Energy retailer in the process of acquiring new recipients can offer them a solution that allows to have access to his own meter data together with mechanical analysis during the management of energy and media.

Implementing EMS solution for retailers means making an offer more attractive in connection with the change of retailer.

Increasing the range of offered services by the Retailer in the field of optimizing costs of energy and media consumption.

Access to solution that allows to realize process of controlling, planning own processes in the context of savings with regard to energy and media consumption.

Increasing awareness about the selected investment directions, the goal of which is to aim in the direction of smart recipient.

Building energy awareness in the industry.


Providing complex solutions (equipment infrastructure with licenses, database, EMS browser, Data acquisition module with available reading controllers (electricity, gas, water),

System configuration in the administrative department, measurement configuration of data sources,

Introducing available measurement data and signals, reporting media usage by the company,

Completing inventory in the company from the point of view of task realisation connected with achieving energic effectiveness,

Providing configurated specification of EMS system together with the information from completed inventory,

Proposition of planning the next activities in the field that were qualified for realising efficiency tasks,

Realization of tasks the goal of which is to provide EMS class system with another measurement information and signals from media receivers,

Starting with using EMS system monitoring and reporting of energy consumption as well as informing system recipients,

Realization of tasks the goal of which is to physically reflect consumed media for realized production tasks in a company,

Analysis of processing data, optimisation, arranging workflow in the processes field and their influence on electricity and media consumption,

Development and implementing procedures for optimizing energy consumption in the area of production as well as maintaining buildings/ equipment – organizational optimization,

Reporting and summarizing the effect of the accepted efficiency activities.


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