Solution supporting a company in Capacity Market

Sygnity Capacity Market (SCM) is dedicated for power providers.

The business purpose of implementing the system is decreasing the risk of penalties and losing benefits because of failing to meet obligations that come from being a participant of Capacity Market, and increasing a chance to gain additional income from power excess in the cases of risks, and effective membership in the secondary market.

Assuming the development of API of Capacity Market Register (PURM) and creation of a platform circulating on the secondary market, a valuable improvement provided by SCM will be automation of activities in the area of transaction processing and operating power obligations.

We invite you to get to know the lecture of our experts, who present Sygnity Capacity Market solution, its functions and benefits.

Adam Larysz (Business Area Director) and Piotr Karwaczyński (Business Analysis Expert) presented it on XXV Scientific and Technical Conference “Energy Market: 25 years of experience – new openings” on October 7-9 of 2019 in Kazimierz Dolny.


Effective operating of certification process

allows to collect in one place a set of required information, and gives a possibility to automatically download and update data registered in other systems.

Effective realization and compliance with capacity agreement conditions by:

- monitoring capacity obligations (reacting early, avoiding penalties),
- supporting the participation of a unit in the secondary market (recording transactions and their influence on capacity obligations),
- transferring capacity obligation to another unit,
- predicting the risk period,
- informing about the important events (balance problems, risk period, lack of fulfilling demonstration requirement, etc.)

Financial effectiveness

thanks to the verification of the duty amounts and penalties, as well as supporting decisions – realizing, selling or paying penalties.

Basic tasks of SCM are:
  • monitoring compliance with the capacity obligation at the level of both units and supplier,
  • management of JRM’s capacity obligations,
  • support of secondary market transactions,
  • support during the periods of danger,
  • conducting internal settlements and generating control reports.
  • automation of transaction processing activities.


Operating registers of capacity obligation – keeping record of physical units, capacity market, units, capacity agreements, secondary market agreements, transactions on the secondary market, parameters and results of auctions, transferring capacity obligation between own capacity market units.

Monitoring fulfilment of obligation – demonstration, capacity, corrected capacity obligation, monitoring the possibility of risk period, monitoring the number of exceeding achievable capacity net and availability correction factor.

Operating risk periods – registering the start of the risk period and the test risk period, relocation of capacity obligation, informing about the start of the risk period.

Operating capacity obligation available for sale – monitoring the capacity that is not included in capacity obligation, selecting capacity obligations that are available for sale, publishing information about capacity obligations that are available for sale.

Operating balance service of capacity obligation for third parties – keeping records of recipients of balancing services, records of balancing services agreements, accounting balancing services.

Operating accounting – making internal accounting of participation in capacity market, generating control accounting report, estimating the size of penalties and bonuses.


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