Metering Devices Management System

System for Managing Metering Devices installed in the network and stored in the warehouse.

MDMS allows to complexly manage metering devices, namely meters, water meters, transformers, modems, clocks, seals, recorders. The system includes warehouse management of devices that are stored in the warehouse, issued to technicians or installed in the network. For the warehouses, stock inventory is held, and devices circulation is recorded with the help of circulation documents for incoming, transferring and elimination.


Providing control and supervision of the full lifecycle of metering devices

Reducing the costs of network exploitation

for example, as a result of planned exchange of defective devices for working devices

Decreasing sales losses

for example, as a result of controlling devices’ movements

Introducing a high corporate standardisation

in the area of managing metering devices processes as well as technical service of recipient

Simplifying and increasing inventory process

Analysing the distribution of devices

and the state in which they were before; information about the complete history of devices’ movements

Reporting effectiveness

of repairs and expertise made by the technicians

Increasing the efficiently of warehouse’s staff

and improving the quality and accuracy of data input into the system thanks to the mobile application mobileMDMS

MDMS works with the TSS system (Technical Service System – System for Technical Service of Recipients) and is an expansion of the field of functionality that is used in billing systems.


MDMS creates records of measurement infrastructure in one place, allows to make analysis and improve the processes connected with managing warehouses.

basic records of devices, warehouses, device services, purchase of devices, localization of devices and grid elements, workers and users

mobileMDMS – application working in a portable device (PDA) which gives the warehouse staff access to the key functionality during their work

accepting devices to the warehouse – registering a new model of device, introducing accepted devices, issuing warehouse document of external admissions

warehouse transferring – issuing devices from the warehouse, accepting devices to the warehouse, creating a MM transferring document

installing/removing device from a grid – taking device from the warehouse, installing device on the grid, removing device from the grid, issuing documents of device issuance

issuing/accepting device from a technician – giving device to the technician, issuing technical card, giving the device to the warehouse

operating devices with meters – assigning one or a few sets of activities, evaluating the cost-effectiveness of repairs, legalization, expertise, realization or resignation from services, making repairs, legalization or elimination of a device

granting services for alien device – accepting an alien device, issuing a document of accepting alien service, providing service in the warehouse or on the installed device, giving tasks of accepting device for services, including calculation of external services: issuing a request for VAT invoice for the service

elimination of devices – issuing elimination document (protocol), taking out eliminated device from the record

transferring data to the finance-accounting system – based on the completed activities on the device, registering in the general ledger quality data concerning the state of installed/eliminated devices

reporting – collecting information about the current warehouse state, as well as the history of devices and the area of completed activities, counting the effectiveness of concluded repairs and expertise


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