between Market Operator and Transmission System Operator

Market Operators are required to exchange information with Transmission System Operators in a way that complies with WIRE standards. Our system allows to meet that obligation – it serves for trading and technical information exchange between Market Operator and Transmission System Operator in compliance with the WIRE standards.


System support realization of processes

that require reliable and secure information exchange between the subjects that take part in Balance Market and Transmission System Operator

Transferring information about the completed contracts

of sale or purchase of energy, balance offers for producers, schedules of intersystem exchange, meter data

Collecting coordination plans

and commercial and technical balances, accounting data, information for market operators

Elaborated procedures that verify the accuracy of electronic documents

minimizing the risk of sending to Transmission System Operator an incorrect document

In the area of preparing contracts submission for energy sales by Commercial Operators, application effectively supports the tasks of scheduling, or separating the energy from the contract into receiving Schedule Units and own intersystem exchange or the one that is in property of customers of Commercial/ Commercial-Technical Operator services.

A system has a certificate of compliance with the news version of WIRE system standards granted by Transmission System Operator.


Graphic interphase of the application is comfortable and adjusted to the needs of a user.

Automated electronic document exchange that complies with WIRE standards of Transmission System Operator

Monitoring and informing about collecting new documents

Scheduling receiving Schedule Units and intersystem exchange of own and Schedule Units of customers of OH/OHT services

Keeping and archiving sent and received documents

Analysis of data registered in the system (OLAP reports)


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