AQUA Customer Care & Billing

AQUA Customer Care & Billing is a complex and modern solution for Water and Sewerage companies that includes in its functionality the main business processes connected with customer service, accounting of water usage and sewage discharges during the whole lifecycle. The system includes billing area and sales of basic services, the water meter management and reading water meters, stopping the water supply, managing complaints, customer service office.


Centralization of information about a client

managing all information about contractors, parameters that come from the contract and technical data from Supply Point

Organizing and centralizing in one place: tasks

activities integrated with the complete documentation, correspondence with the client

Increasing the effectiveness of customer service

by monitoring the timeliness of realisation of specific tasks

Decreasing service costs

by providing a Website for clients

Increasing client’s satisfaction

as a result of supporting the process of sales services

Reducing commercial costs

by controlling the movement of water meters

Planning reporting cycles

collecting and reading

Coherent management

of price policy and sales

Limiting IT costs

as a result of using WWW technology

Improving work organization

by the document flow and group work

ACC&B system consists of the following modules: Sales Reporting, Customer Service, Managing Metering Devices, Managing Field Work, mobile system for recording the field work, electronic client’s office, workflow system (document circulation).


The area of Customer Support Office

  • Keeping records of clients, making contracts for: water, sewage, water and sewage, slurry tankers, hydrants as well as contracts for drainage of excavations, wholesale contracts for neighbouring municipalities.
  • Registration and realisation of client’s requests in the area of changing client’s personal data, changing PP data, corrections, additional charges for illegal sewage discharges.
  • Keeping records and managing complaints.
  • Supporting the vindication process.
  • Analysing and reporting.
  • GIS Interfaces.
  • Workflow – document processing.

The area of Water meters

  • Managing water meters warehouse – accepting, legalizing, repairing, transferring, eliminating water meters, realizing exchanges, installations, eliminations of water meters, recording works, controlling water metering sets – OT tasks.
  • Supporting the process of mass water meter legalization (mailing, eBok) and reporting water meter states.
  • Scheduling work of technician teams.
  • Providing other services – legalizing, repairing, expertise of alien water meters.

The area of Billing

  • Introducing and monitoring readings from external systems, for example: WMS, Feko, GPRS, manual.
  • Accounting consumption – real time, a day medium, forecasting, additional, flat-rate (lump sum), in the arrangement meter, meter-submeter, WBZ, accounting for excesses.
  • Invoicing consumption – separate and summary invoices, electronic invoice, corrections, manual, automatic invoicing of additional payments.
  • Reporting and analysis.

The area of data acquisition:

  • Collecting readings: manually and remotely - GPRS, SMS.
  • Preparing collector routes.


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