Solution dedicated to managing network assets in the gas sector.

Sonet/JARC system for Gas industry is Sygnity original solution dedicated to managing network assets in the gas sector.

Sonet/JARC system for Gas industry allows to build and have at a disposal own (independent), central (standardized), reliable database  (information) about Technical Asset, including the network and network objects models, together with the wide range of processing data, which allows for common use of database about Technical Asset in the main business processes of the company.

System has a modular structure, directed towards operating the most important business processes.
Apart from data records  functionality (keeping current updated data about the network and network objects), the main system modules include the following processes:

Connection process

connection module

Investment and repairing processes

module Planning and realization of investments and repairments

Exploitation processes

exploitation module (together with managing team field work and operating functionality on mobile devices)

Analysis and simulation

module Gas Network simulation and calculation

Managing devices

module Managing gas devices

Property operating processes

module Managing assets value

Document workflow and repository management

generated as specific processes – module DocuMan

Thanks to using original tools of Sygnity Company applications (application platform SONE/JARC), system is characterized by full openness to expansion (in the range of modules, additional modules), reconfiguration and integration.

System can integrate with other systems that support activities of a company:

EPR – (for example SAP)


Meter data

Fleet managing

Managing warehouses

As a part of integration with SAP, system can be configured in such a way as to share with SAP the course of key business processes of managing network assets (Connection, Exploitation, Investments and Repairments), collecting from SAP description data, and storing space data and sending to SAP connected information.

Using SONET/JARC platform allows to start modules and functionality in desktop as well as web environments.

Application platform uses Oracle database but is technologically open for MS SQL Server and PostgrSQL databases. In the area of functionality of map presentation, works together with ESRI ArcGIS Enterprise (ArcGIS Server), Oracle MapViewer and GeoServer.

System is open for working with Open Street Map in the area of maps presentation as well search for objects and addresses, works also with external OGC services (np. WMS,WFS that are provided by  Geo-portal GUGiK and county nodes of infrastructure of space information), presenting their maps and data as well as allowing to search for object in WFS service.


Coherent, interdisciplinary and available for a lot of users information database about the network assets

High quality data guaranteed

Verified inventory and maintenance procedures

Increasing effectiveness of network assets managing

Automation and centralization of supporting selected processes

Open for integration with different IT environment


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