SONET Energy System

SONET Energy System is Sygnity S.A. original software for managing grid asset of the energy sector.

SONET Energy includes a model of grid and objects of all voltage levels , as well as takes into consideration telecommunication infrastructure that is technically correlated to basic activities. Interdisciplinary data base includes also a wide range of processing data. Using GIS technology and spatial data in each system module supports operating business processes, creates a direct connection between operational activities and objects that are presented on a map, active scheme or on the description document. It allows users to realize their tasks in environment and context that is natural for them.

Comprehensive solution support in each aspect of company functionality in the field of managing infrastructure is characterized by modular construction that allows to implement it in stages or implement only chosen elements and integrate them with solutions of different producers.

After making an analysis before implementation, standard product version is adjusted to the needs and organization of a Client as well as integrated with the IT environment that functions in the company (ERP, CRM, SCADA, Billing, DMS, WFM, IoT platforms) using market  standards (for example, CIM).


Coherent, interdisciplinary and available to a lot of users information base about the grid

High quality data guaranteed

Verified inventory and maintenance procedures

Increasing effectiveness of grid asset managing

Automation and centralization of supporting selected processes

Open for integration with environment

Our experience allows to support automation of all processes connected with asset managing in companies, where distribution network, transmitting network and spatial resources are  the foundation of activity.


System supports:

managing whole lifecycle of grid asset,

maintaining data about grid asset – in the area of  keeping update of data about grid as well as energy and telecommunication objects, together with connected documentation that comes from maintenance procedures,

supporting exploitation and managing of asset- in the area of planning and realization of exploitation tasks, supporting exploitation protocols, managing devices, managing security settings,

supporting field  work – in the area of managing  teams work / brigades work,

planning managing and investment realization – in the area of creating an object-financial plan of connections, investments and liquidations as well as supervision of their realization,  till creating asset and linking it with technical components,

support customer service – in the area of supporting application that are directed to operator and giving conditions and making contracts, as well as registering MDE-PPE connections,

supporting disposition work – in the area of reflecting current and future states of electric grid as well as providing data for the CIM model building needs, also supporting   constructing shutdown plan and keeping records of data that influence on work safety,

support engineering calculations – in the area of sharing grid model for the calculations needs

managing property ( including integration with SZN system (Real estate and land property Management System).


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