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DiMon system has been awarded a “Recommendation” in the Banking category in the XII edition of the “Gazeta Bankowa” Technology Competition Hit of the Year 2019. It meets the strictest  requirements of IV AML Directive, supporting financial institutions in fulfilling their statutory obligations.

DiMon system is successfully used by the most important financial institutions in Poland, being repeatedly confirmed by positive GIIF audits. The solution currently supports 15 banks and other financial institutions in Poland.

Selected functionalities

Importing module

any number of data sources

Manual input/correction of transactions module

uses data stored in Entities Database (golden record) and/or data from the Central Register of Actual Beneficiaries

Rules module

it is possible to define rules by means of which transactions in the system are searched. It is possible to define their mode of operation and frequency of activation

Validation module

3 levels of data validation:

  • Validation during import allows the loading of data having a minimum set of information concerning the data of the transaction performed
  • Validation during data modification/correction in line with the validations required by regulators
  • Validation during the preparation of data for dispatch/export in accordance with the validations required by regulators

Dispatches registering module

enables systematic data exchange with GIIF in the automatic or manual exporting mode, depending on the technological situation (non-integrated systems) or random situation (system failure)

Reporting module

containing both control reports and custom reports defined by users, including reports of compliance with Central Register of Actual Beneficiaries

Business benefits

Automated and fast process of searching for transactions to register

Automated reporting, thanks to sending information directly from the system to GIIF in form of XML files

Optimization of verification processes thanks to inbuilt validation rules compliant with AML regulations

Verification of client data with Central Register of Actual Beneficiaries

Business security

system meets the strictest obligatory reporting requirements of the European Union and allows for quick and effective monitoring and reporting of financial transactions

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