Electronic system for document flow dedicated to public administration

eDOK is an electronic system for document flow dedicated to public administration. It allows to keep any case in an electronic form the moment of its registering by an employee to the moment of its completion. It shares information in the form of an electronic document and scanned paper documents.



with letters or cases as well as work progress reporting

Increasing service quality

reducing the time of processing letters and cases

Decreasing costs

reduction of administration expenses and releasing resources

Monitoring the work of employees

with the letters or cases

Optimising work

eliminating activity duplication

Cooperating with code readers

scanners and electronic signature

Automating processes

that are repeated, improving information flow

Ensuring the assistance

and constant system development thanks to author supervision

Increasing the level of data security

protection against unauthorised access

eDok system has been successfully implemented for more than 120 satisfied clients in the whole country.


Assigning letters and cases, assignment history

Creating additional registers for any types of letters or cases

Attaching letters to new or existing cases

Sharing work on the case with the work group

Messaging, sending carbon copy of information “for information” to people who are not taking part in the case

Controlling timeliness of case completion

Using barcode scanners for automatic scanning or for letters and cases

The mechanism of accepting incoming letters

Built-in calendar and messenger system

Electronic input journal

Post output register

Expanded system of reporting with a possibility to generate own reports


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