Supporting organizational units of social care

POMOST Std System is an IT system dedicated to organizational units of social care which supports them in realization of tasks of districts and municipals, resulting from the act on social care and accompanying legal acts. The system (its dedicated modules) supports as well in task realization that result from legislation about supporting families and foster. The WywiadPlus module  is integrated with POMOST Std system for electronic environmental/local interviews.


WywiadPlus: Making and updating environmental/local interviews

in the place where it takes place

WywiadPlus: A possibility to register social work

by a worker during a local visit

Supporting the process of issuing decision

in the field of granting benefits

Supports automation of statistical reporting

The main tasks of POMOST Std software is to support the decision-making process in the institution and the process of realization of resulting from the decision benefits. POMOST Std is the most frequently used system in Poland for handling social care tasks.


System of reports that allows to control planned and paid/realized benefits and other key information to the workers of an institution

Built-in hints for the amounts of benefits based on the data previously recorded in a form of environmental/local interview

Generating list of money benefits payments with an option of bank transfers, post transfers, supplying pre-paid cards and billing documents for PAYER

Tools for accounting non-monetary benefits together with the option of electronical data exchange with a real contractor who realizes benefits

Certificate of compliance with the System Description for social care on the level of districts and municipals

Cooperation with CSIZS (Central Social Security Information System)

Cooperation with Mobile Terminal for carrying out interviews


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