Case study

Tens of thousands of applications for government aid under Anti-crisis Shield have been processed so far by the Sygnity’s CMO.ARKA system

Exactly 14 days – that’s how long it took us to prepare and implement the CMO.ARKA system for one of the biggest Polish banks, as a response to the launch of government aid for Polish entrepreneurs due to COVID-19. CMO.ARKA acts as a communication platform between bank’s front-office systems and the Ministry of Finance, using the STIR* communication channel.

The Client

Our Client is one of the largest banks in Poland with a strong consumer and SME profiles and wide portfolio of corporate clients. The Client is a part of a bigger capital group with a global reach.


Our Client had to prepare for handling applications for government aid** in a very short time. The whole process required a detailed planning, starting with registering the application, through the validation of the information contained therein, to the submission of the application in the form of XML files to the Ministry of Finance. What is important, the correct processing of applications also required feedback communication – the Ministry had to effectively inform the bank about the acceptance or rejection of the application, as well as the necessity to complete the data (if applicable).

However, while Bank was able to quickly adapt the front-office system to the requirements, it lacked a platform that would enable a two-way communication with the Ministry of Finance, using STIR communication channel.

The biggest challenge for our Client (and at the same time a key factor determining the success of the project) was TIME. The slightest delay in the process could result in an “outflow” of clients to another bank. In the end, maintaining financial stability during the crisis determines whether a company will survive the crisis. Therefore, it was crucial for us to implement a tool that would not only allow the Bank to efficiently handle the process, but also be universal, modern and easily scalable.


For this project, the Client chose our solution company as we have a proven track record of success in similar projects. We have built our solution on the basis of CMO*** system, which is a communication platform in XML format. CMO.ARKA acts as a communicator between the bank, which receives applications, and the Ministry of Finance, which provides the aid.

At the heart of our solution lies Oracle database, which ensures a high efficiency of the whole process. It allows for flexible storage, validation a and transfer of data as well as effective information transfer to and from the Ministry of Finance. At Sygnity we have a long-term history of cooperation with Oracle Polska, due to which the risk of delays, low performance and stability problems have been reduced to a minimum.

How does it work?

The data from the application (as a flat file, XML file, webService) is sent to the CMO.ARKA system. Our platform collects data from individual applications, validates them, and then processes them into an aggregate file in KIR/ARKA format. Batch files are transferred via STIR channel to the Ministry of Finance. After processing the applications, CMO.ARKA reads the information from the Ministry, and sends it back in an “understandable” format to further processing by the bank.


Combination of Sygnity’s experience in providing both complex IT solutions and modern three-layer technology as well as Oracle’s competences in high-performance databases allowed the Client to start processing applications on time. This is an example of business partnership using the best competencies of the both parties in order to provide client with IT tool that improve business and helps them immediately adapt to the new market situation .

Through CMO.ARKA system around 300 applications for PFR aid are submitted every day. Entrepreneurs send applications conveniently, and our Client, proved to be a reliable financial partner during the crisis.

 * The aid was given through Polish Development Fund (PFR)

** STIR – information and communication system helping used to process data transmitted by banks and credit unions

*** CMO system –- communication and information exchange platform in XML format with STIR system