Sygnity competences regarding FLEXCUBE System

Sygnity S.A. has started the implementation of FLEXCUBE system in 2000. Until now, we have built a team with all competences that allow us to complete the comprehensive implementation process of the FLEXCUBE Universal Banking system, starting from parametrisation and  configuration process through analysis, implementation, extension of functionality and integration process, to data migration and maintenance.

Competencies of our consultants can be divided into:

analysis and tests, including business architecture building

designing and development, including technical architecture

system administration


FLEXCUBE analyst team at Sygnity S.A. consists of over a dozen analysts and testers with a valuable experience in implementing the FLEXCUBE system in many banks in Poland as well as abroad. Key consultants belonging to the team have over 15 years of experience and a predisposition to fulfilling the role of a business architect.

The team of analysts has knowledge of the whole FLEXCUBE system: its functional assumptions, a course of action and parametrization, products, tests and process documentation. Analysts has also a wide knowledge of banks, which allows to optimally adjust the functions of the system to the requirements and business practices of a given bank.

The team’s experience covers the full functionality of the FLEXCUBE system, both in the area of retail and Treasury banking. In particular, this knowledge includes the following modules:

BASE – general parameters, Dictionaries, Client, User and permission management, End cycle processing and other.

GL – General Ledger

DE – Manual Accounting

CASA – Current and savings accounts, Off-book limitations

TD – fixed term deposits

IC – interests and charges on current accounts

MIS – reporting parameters

CL – Credits

LS – syndicated loans

RP – price relation

FT – Foreign transactions

RT/WebBranch – Cash transactions

ILM - Consolidation of balances - sweeping/pooling

MS – Messages – managing messages, withdrawals, confirmations

SI – Standing instructions

CD – corporate deposits

FX – Currency exchange

SE – Securities

MM – Money Market

ETD – Futures transactions

LC/BC – trading operations

NR – Nostro Reconciliation

ELCM – Enterprise Limits and Collateral Management

Moreover, our team has experience in data migration to/from FLEXCUBE, change of local currency in the system (entering euro instead of national currency), starting new products (of product lines) in production working system, change of system version (upgrade).


The team includes a number of designers-programmers and administrator who have experience in implementing, maintaining and development of FLEXCUBE UBS system in version 6, 7, 11, and 12 for the following Polish clients: Kredyt Bank, PKO BP Bank Uniwersalny, PKO BP Bank Hipoteczny, BGŻ, PBP, BGK, and in foreign banks: PolBank (Greece), Home Credit, IMB (Russia), BAWAG (Slovenia), La Caixa (Spain), AiB Bank (Ireland), Credit Agricole (France), Dubai Islamic Bank (Pakistan/ Arab Emirates), Western Union (Austria), Snoras (Lithuania), BAWAG (Czech Republic).

Technical competences connected to Flexcube

Knowledge of data models and processes in retail field and Treasury (as stated above in the competence of analytics team)

Designing and implementing new batch processes, in the accounting field among others, processing messages and withdrawals, reporting, extracts generation.

Creating and modifying application forms in Oracle Forms Builder (for versions 6 and 7) and Open Development Tool Development Workbench (for versions 11 and 12)

Creating reports in Oracle Reports Builder (for versions 6 and 7) and Oracle Business Intelligent Publisher (for version 11 and 12).

Building integration system FLEXCUBE by using Oracle components, and by using other integrating solutions (own or Client’s), including integration with local payment systems.

Integration of the FLEXCUBE system using Oracle components, as well as using other integration solutions (own or customer’s), including integration with local payment systems.

Building mechanisms for migration of static, contract (bank transactions) and financial accounting data.

Preparation of test scenarios and automatic tests projects in Soap UI/Ready API tools.

Administration competences

Knowledge of manufacturing processes connected to FLEXCUBE, including localization methods, building customization, building patch of FLEXCUBE system

Improving efficiency (tuning) on the level of database, middleware, software.

Administration in the area of managing components and FLEXCUBE system configuration starting from the level of operating system, followed by database and application server, and, finally, FLEXCUBE application.

Knowledge of technology


Oracle RDBMS (9i - 12.2), Progress 4GL, PostgreSQL


SQL, PL/SQL, Java, JQuery, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP, HTML, XML, XSD, , Ajax, PHPBB, Python, C, C++

Programming tools

Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, Business Objects, Oracle BI Publisher, SQL Developer, SQL Navigator, TOAD, XmlSpy, SoapUI, NetBeans, Eclipse

Version control tools


Other technology and project tools

UML, RUP, JIRA, Jenkins

Some people from the developer team, due to their experience and skills, can successfully play a role of technical architects.


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